Top Hospitals of India: Topic Overview

India has emerged out as one of the destinations of for various medical treatments and surgeries for medical tourists coming from so many other places. The hospitals in India are armed with state of art facilities and equipments, which play a vital role in treating the global patients with different medical ailments. India boasts with hospitals accredited by quality agencies like JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare). This simply means you get high quality healthcare services with highly qualified doctors and surgeons. Let’s explore the list of  top hospitals of India as under:

Fortis Hospital, New Delhi


Fortis is among the popular hospitals in National Capital, which is also found in adjoining suburbs called NCR like Gurgaon and Noida. It is NABH accredited and multispecialty hospital, which came into existence within a decade. These are known to offer some of the best healthcare services for various medical ailments at competitive cost, much lesser than the hospitals based in developed countries like the US or the UK. The hospital is a hub of highly qualified doctors and surgeons who have ample of experience in dealing with different medical ailments and health problems, which help them to sort out the things once for all making it number in the list of hospitals in India.

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Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon


This hospital currently ranks among the top multi-speciality hospitals, which is based in Gurgaon. It has one of the best pool of doctors and surgeons who all are highly qualified and have the expertise in their specialisation along with loads of exposure in their respective domains. The hospital is backed with high end and state of art facilities one can imagine, which play an important role in fixing a number of medical ailments and disorders. So, whether it is a problem of your spine or have obesity issue, or some other lethal issues of heart and cancer, you can certainly take resort in the Artemis Hospital based close to national capital of India.

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Max Super Speciality Hospital (MSSH), New Delhi


The Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi is one of the important hospitals of national capital armed with state of facilities. It is a known multispecialty medical care known to have 50 different medical and surgical disciplines. The hospital has cater high end healthcare services in a number of specialisation including Oncology, Cardiology, Urology, Pediatrics, Emergency Care, Cosmetic Surgery, etc.  It is accredited with the prestigious quality agency of healthcare called NABL. The hospital is known for enhancing and upgrading its various departments time and again to offer a much better and competitive healthcare services.

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Columbia Asia Group of Hospitals


This is one of the popular hospital chains, which is not only present in different Indian cities but also in other countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The hospitals based in India and abroad are armed with state of art facilities, which are known to have global accreditation. The inpatient services in the hospitals come along with day centre, exclusive centre for health checks and outpatient facilities. These specialise in Transplant surgeries, cardiac surgeries, neurosurgeries, oncology and many other specializations.

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Nova Speciality Hospital


This hospital is more popular for orthopaedic and spine treatment, which come along with one of the best surgeons and spine experts. The healthcare team is driven with high end professionalism and compassion and treat the patient using high end and state of art facilities. Spread in an area of 40,000 sq ft, the Nova Orthopaedic & Spine Hospital is come along with 40 odd bed boutique facility backed by state of art operation theatres, along with fully equipped ICU beds, pre-op and post op beds and emergency beds.

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Final Overview

This is just a modest list of the hospitals of India, which attract a wide range of global patients’ right from the developed nations to the third world countries. One of the best features of these hospitals is that the global patients can avail the services at affordable cost in India.

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  3. Hello doctor, I am Rhayan N Nacion 32 yr. old from Afganistan, My nephew is 8 years old. He is suffering pancreatic problem last 3 months. We are trying all over our country to cure my nephew diseases. But nobody can solve it. His pancreatic size is 3.5 inches. All doctors of our country said that “It is high risk to operation in that size (3.5 inches). How can I appoint your hospital and when. We want to treatment in India under a expert pancreatic surgeon. Please give me a suggestion what can I do now and give me an appoint for further treatment. I will send his CT Scan report, Ultra Report later.


  4. Dear Rhayan N Nacion,
    Thank you for your interest shown in our services, we mentioned your enquiry and we would also be glad to asist you, therefore you need not worry about anything.
    Kindly send us your medical reports related to the condition at so that we can forward the same to our medical panel for their advised clinical opinion.
    Once we receive the medical details from your end,the same will be studied by our medical panel so that we can provide you with their advised opinion.
    We will wait for the details from your end.
    Do let me know if you have any queries. Please feel free to call me, I will be more than happy to be of assistance.

    Fances Mays


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