Myomectomy in India: Get Prize Saving with Indian Medguru Consultant


Myomectomy in India

Fibroids can be called as the tissue growths, which are generally found over the uterus wall or womb. They are a blend of muscle tissues from threadlike fibres and uterus. These can be called as one of the most common types of tumour in women. Their growth is not often related to cancer, while the medical terms for the same including myoma, fibromyoma and leiomyoma. Women generally tend to develop such kinds of tumours during the reproductive years. As per reports, every such three women out of four are seen with this issue. One of the common ways of treating the fibroid come along with the surgical procedure called Uterine myomectomy, which we will discuss further in the following paragraphs:

Types of Fibroids

Types of FibroidsThere are different types of fibroids, which can be further classified into the following ways:

  •   Intracavitary Myomas
  •   Submucous Myomas
  •   Intramural Myomas
  •   Subserous Myomas

Diagnosis of Fibroids 

Generally the fibroids are confused with conditions like adenomyosis, which can be a big error while diagnosing the same. In the latter, you can find a lining inside the uterus, which is seen infiltrating over the walls of this organ that further enlarges the uterus causing severe pain and bleeding. They may appear similar to the fibroids hence can be seen confused very often. When it comes to diagnosis of fibroids, it can start with pelvic test. This test will help in finding the fibroids, however, most of the times, you can find myomas that causes symptoms, which can be missed during this test. Hence you need other test as well including ultrasound, MRI and other usual tests.

Myomectomy Procedure

Myomectomy Procedure

Once the fibroids are diagnosed, it becomes important to get rid of the same provided all the non surgical options have failed to deal with them. Myometcomy is the usual procedure, which is chosen to make you free from the fibroid. This helps in preserving the capability of a woman to bear kids but the successful pregnancies are not often guaranteed. Out of 10 women undergoing for the procedure only 4 are able to deliver kids. Though the procedure can be carried out using both the approaches including open and minimally invasive, however, considering the number of benefits, the latter is chosen. Let’s check the procedure for the same.

The procedure begins with making small size incision close to the bellybutton wherein the laparoscope is inserted having the camera inside the abdomen. You will find the surgeon carrying out the surgery by getting a clear view with the help of the camera inserted. Then the surgeon cuts off the fibroid into small size pieces and then bring out via these small incisions over the said area or via the vagina. This procedure has a number of benefits as compared to the open one, which include getting faster recovery, effective results and many more things, which the other options fail to give.

Myomectomy in India with Indian Medguru Consultant

India is among the most popular option when it comes to surgical options like Myomectomy. However, if you want to travel to India for these surgeries, you need one group who can expedite all your medical treatment/surgery along with managing all your day to day affair. At this juncture, the health consultant like Indian Medguru one of the popular groups comes into picture, which is known for serving medical tourists coming from different nations and places.  Right from helping you in travel, visa, managing your surgery, taking appointment with the surgeon/doctor, managing your various medical reports, your stay, food and many other things, Indian Medguru is a competent consultant in many ways. And as far as the cost is concerned, it is among the most competitive in terms of cost and quality of service.

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