Breast Cancer : Overview, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment



Breast cancer can be called as a cancer that arises in breast tissues among women. The cancer however is an array of abnormal cells, which follows an abnormal growth patterns. Although this forms of cancer is more found among women but around 1 percent of breast cancers are seen occurring in men. The breast cancer can be called among the most common kinds of cancer among women with the exception called nonmelanoma skin cancers. Unfortunately, the breast cancer is among the major causes of death among women. As per the 2011 reports, the US Cancer Society gave the death tolls to be around 230,40 cases due to breast cancer would certain be diagnosed among the women in the US. Now, let’s check more on the causes, diagnosis and treatment as under:

Causes of Breast Cancer

As per experts there is no definite cause to breast cancer, it is difficult to say why one person can developed of disease while the other doesn’t. We realise a couple of risk factors that can put can put an impact over the likelihood of developing breast cancer, which are as under:

Age: The higher the age the more is the probability of having breast cancer. More than 80 percent of the female breast cancers are seen occurring among the women of 50 & above years of people.

Genetics: The women with family history of breast or ovarian cancer can cause this menace of breast cancer. If two people in the family is seen developing this disease, it can have more chance for any woman to get this disease.

The other causes of having breast cancer include having certain kinds of breast lumps, dense breast tissue, estrogen exposure, obesity, height, alcohol consumption, radiation exposure, HRT, certain jobs

Diagnosis for Breast Cancer2015-11-24

When it comes to diagnosis of breast cancer, there are certain ways of finding the breast cancer. These include carrying out physical examination of breast along with mammography, MRI or ultra sonography and biopsy. The biopsy is one of the best ways of diagnosing breast cancer. The following are tests, which are as under:

  • Physical examination
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI
  • Biopsy

Treatment options for breast cancer

There are number treatment options when it comes to breast cancer, which include hordes of options like radiation therapy, hormonal therapy and chemotherapy. Let’s check the following:

  • Radiation Therapy: This is one of the common treatment options for cancer, which is clubbed in different surgeries for removing the cancer. In case when the surgeon finds that the cancer has not been removed completely than this procedure is used, which employs high level radioactive rays to burn the tumour cells found in the breast areas. This procedure is employed five days a week over 5-6 weeks and each of the session is carried out for few minutes. Though this procedure is painless, however, it has a couple of side effects including irritation of skin or burn sensation in the treated areas.
  • Chemotherapy: This procedure is a managing certain medications, which helps in killing the cancer cells or stopping them to grow. For breast cancer, the chemotherapy can be used in the three different ways, which include Adjuvant chemotherapy, presurgical chemotherapy and therapeutic chemotherapy, which is managed by women with breast cancer. The chemotherapy is often given in cycles, and each of these cycles includes a certain period of intensive kind of treatment that can last for a couple of days/weeks.
  • Hormonal Therapy: This treatment option is used to treat breast cancer to remove the cancer cells that are sensitive to change in the hormonal areas. This therapy is helped in preventing the recurrence of tumour or for current disease treatment. This therapy is given with the help of certain drugs.

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  2. My breast cancer surgery done in july 2015. after surgery my left breast size reduce. i m looking for breast implant, please send information.


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