Battle Against Obesity : Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

Over-weight or obesity is the leading cause of the some of the most severe and chronic disorder which includes type 2 diabetes, insulin resistant, mellitus and some heart related disorder also. The patients which have the problem like type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and heart related problems is related to over-weight and up to 80% of the patients who are having these disorder are obese. It is very well documented that the obesity and chronic issues are directly related to each other. Along with this, it is also shown that the obesity patient and very low life-expectancy. TO understand it more clearly here is an example; consider the 30 year man with morbid obesity problem has 15 year decrease in life expectancy than an individual with healthy weight.

obesity B1

Target Strategies and Other Related Problems : 

There are many target strategies which help in preventing obesity problem in the early stages is among the top and best public health approaches to deal with the obesity epidemic problem. In spite of all these things, there is need of increased surgical and medical interventions to treat and prevent other health issues like type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and heart diseases. It is not reported but a huge increase in advanced treatment options for issues related to obesity, especially in the young individuals, and the number of obesity surgery procedures performed in the western countries has increased 5 times in the last decade. As per the ASBS (American Society for Bariatric Surgery) exercise, diet, drug interventions and behavior modifications is not proved effective in treating morbid obesity issue in adult, without any symptoms that these are more effective when it comes to perform in young adolescents.

Primary Prevention in Battle against Obesity : 


At a high population level the primary prevention of the over-weight or obesity issue is a very daunting challenge, especially in the scenario of the modern society that is now become the part of the society with a life-style which majorly is physically inactive with an abundance of the food supply. The role of nutritional factor and diet as the major reason behind the obesity and excess weight gain is never been outside the scope and has discussed. However, there is never been a chance of missing the nutritional factors such as change in composition of food and enhanced frequency of consuming processed food which is made outside the home, have contributing in obesity factors.

Behavioral factors are clearly mentioned and demonstrated under a study which shows that over-weight and obese children are highly sensitive to television food advertising and that such ads generate the urge in children for intake of energy-dense snacks. The interplay between behavioral, environmental and social influences is so complex.

obesity chart

To start battle with the growing health issues of over-weight and obesity is to invest in various strategies that specifically target in secondary and advanced treatment for all the health issues related to obesity like type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance problem and heart related problems.

The Final Strike In Battle Against Obesity :

In the end, it is important to mention that weight-loss surgery done over the small number of individuals with the problem of obesity will without any doubt saves the capital of national health-care system in very short period of time. In addition to this the basic goals of the suggested legislative and medical bodies promoting a long-term and support of supervised diet and exercise programs.

The outcome of many reports have shown that any single treatment approach to treat the problem of overweight and obesity is not able to stay effective for a long period of time. And further tests in this field shows that there is an urgent requirement to find out the efficient and combination therapies for obesity on social, clinical and economic outcomes

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