Varicocele Surgery Hospital in India Providing Cost Effective infertility Cure


Varicocele Surgery Hospital in India

Varicocele is basically a varicose vein of scrotum and testes, which can cause pain and give shrinkage to the testicles. In the healthy veins found in the scrotum, one way valves allow blood to flow from testes & scrotum back over the heart. In the Varicocele, these valves fail to function correctly that can cause blood to pool and thus enlarge the vein. With these issues, the male has to suffer a lot thus hampering their sexual life a lot. Luckily with treatment options like Varicocele surgery, one can address this problem once for all. India has been doing well so far in terms of giving one of the best treatment options in the form of Varicocele surgery. Thanks to the highly competitive medical team and world class hospitals and clinics, people have come a long way giving you nothing but the best of the solutions to the global patients not just with quality but with greater affordability as well. Now, let’s dig in deep in this surgery and also know how Indian hospitals have been the ray of hope for all.

Symptoms- Varicocele

Symptoms- Varicocele

There are several symptoms, which can be experienced to any male while having the issue of Varicocele the common ones are as under:

  • You experience pain in testes while you work out and at times even when you stand or sit.
  • You experience fertility issues as male experience the diminished sperm count and it can even cause swollen veins and testes bringing in the issue of fertility.
  • Testicular atrophy: The shrinking of the varicoceles can be a problem in giving testicular atrophy.

Once you experience these symptoms better report to the doctor to start the treatment on time.

Diagnosis – Varicocele


These are simple to diagnose, which can be found out with physical examination or diagnostic test as well.  95% of these issues can be easily found out that are located over the left side of the scrotum that looks like a bag of worms. These testicles can be shrunken in size. And on the off chance, these varicoceles are not easily found via the criteria. These are then detected using a non-invasive imaging test known as colour flow ultrasound or via venogram that helps in finding out the abnormalities of blood vessels.

Varicocele Surgery

Varicocele Surgery

It has both the surgical and non-surgical options, however, we would check the former one in this post. This procedure usually helps in improving the fertility by fixing the abnormal sperm counts. This surgery is carried out on an outpatient basis, while the three most common methods include the inguinal or groin using percutaneous embolization, retroperitoneal or the abdominal using laparoscopic surgery and infrainguinal or the subinguinal. Besides, there are other techniques as well, which can be used to fix this problem. Once the procedure is carried out, the patient is supposed to keep the ice packs over these areas as it will help in reducing the swelling, while the patient may be advised to wear a scrotal support for some time after the surgery.

Why choose Indian hospitals for Varicocele surgery?


Varicocele surgery in India comes at the world class hospitals and clinics, which are globally recognized and accredited for carrying out complex surgeries. These hospitals are known for catering high quality and specialized solutions for offering a wide range of surgeries and procedures with the best possible results employing innovative techniques. These have a unique blend of high quality and low cost medical treatment solutions, which have become the main attraction for the global patients coming all across the world. The Indian surgeons carrying out the Varicocele surgeries in India are smart enough to employ latest technology with their multi-disciplinary capabilities, state of the art facilities in the hospital backed by world class infrastructure and impeccable patient care. All these elements have given a good boost to medical tourism in India.

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