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The best hospitals in India for low price high quality prostate cancer surgery in India are well equipped with the state of the art diagnostics. It provides a wide range of cancer treatments and our best doctors will evaluate and discuss the findings to chart out the optimal plan for your prostate cancer surgery based on the international guidelines and protocols.

The prostate cancer surgery is a common choice to try to cure the cancer is it has not spread outside the prostate gland. The main types of prostate cancer surgery is radical prostatectomy. During this operation, the surgeon will remove the entire prostate gland as well as some tissues around it including the seminal vesicles. This procedure can be done in different ways.


Open approaches to a radical prostatectomy

This is a traditional approach for doing a prostatectomy in which the surgeon will operate through a single long skin incision for removing the prostate and the nearby tissues. There are two main ways to perform this surgery- radical retro pubic prostatectomy and radical perineal prostatectomy. Often this surgery is performed less now.

Laparoscopic Approaches to radical prostatectomy

It uses several small incisions and special long surgical tools for removing the prostate. Either the surgeon will hold the tools directly or uses a control panel to precisely move the robotic arms which holds the tools. This approach to prostatectomy has become more common in recent years. If you are seeking to undergo a prostate cancer surgery with a laparoscopic approach then you should know the skill and experience of your surgeon.

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: The surgeon will insert special long instruments through several small incisions to remove the prostate. One of the instrument has a small video camera on the end which let the surgeon see inside the abdomen. LRP has some advantages over the open radical prostatectomy such as less blood loss and pain, faster recovery times and shorter hospital stay.

Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: In this approach, the laparoscopic surgery is done using a robotic interface called as the da Vinci system. The surgeon sits at a control panel in the operating room and moves the robotic arms to operate through several small incisions in the patient’s abdomen. The robotic prostatectomy has advantages over the open approach in terms of less blood loss, less pain and quicker recovery time. The robotic system may provide more maneuverability for the surgeon as well as more precision when moving the instruments than in the standard LRP. Still the most important factor in the success of either types of laparoscopic surgery is the surgeon’s skill and experience.

International Patient Experience for Prostate Cancer Surgery in India

prostate review

Prostate Cancer Surgery with Forerunners Healthcare

India has been recognized as the new global medical destination for the prostate cancer surgery. About thousands of patients from across the globe come to India for the medical treatments and surgeries at low price from the highly skilled and experienced surgeons and doctors. The cost of prostate cancer surgery in India is only one third of the prevailing cost in the US. The procedure cost is about 5000 USDs in India while it cost $15,000 in the US.

At Forerunners Healthcare, we provide the highest quality prostate cancer surgery in India that is at par as practiced in the developed countries. Our association with the best cancer hospitals in India have the most extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities including, the most advanced CT technology and the MRI. The oncologists in India perform different procedures for the prostate cancer treatments and surgery in India. They are skilled, highly qualified and have years of experience in performing the surgery. They are affiliated with many renowned medical organizations across the country.


Forerunners log

Even after considering the travel expenses, the comprehensive medical tourism package offered by us provides savings of about thousands of dollars for the prostate cancer surgery in India. If you are seeking the low price prostate cancer surgery in India through Forerunners Healthcare, send us your inquiry and medical reports as well as test results and we will help you with the details of the leading doctors, prostate cancer surgery professionals, hospitals which are necessary for the prostate cancer surgery in India.



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