Gender Determination – What You Should Know?


Gender Determination India

Gender determination sex selection is an attempt to control the sex of an offspring with a view to achieve the desired sex. The pre-natal gender determination practise is banned in India since 1994, under the Pre-conception and the Parental Diagnostic Techniques Act. This act aims to prevent the sex-selective abortion which as per the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has it roots in the long history og strong patriarchal influence in all the spheres of life in India.

The gender determination is done for diagnosing any birth defects or medical abnormalities in the fetus and to employ the appropriate treatment. Here are some insights on what you should know about the gender determination methods which are ethical as well as medical proven.

How is Gender Determination Accomplished?

How is Gender Determination Accomplished

The gender determination India is accomplished by several ways of the pre as well as post implantation of an embryo and at birth. The parental gender determination is popularized under the title family balancing and involves two medical advances which evolved the demand for sex selection- better ability for genetically assessing the embryos before transferring into the uterus also known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or PGD and improvement in understanding of the genetic diseases .

Gender Determination Selection Ethics

Gender Determination Selection Ethics

The gender determination selection ethics is also used today for preventing a genetic disease also known as a medical gender selection. In certain cases, the male offspring could inherit a sex-related diseases sich as hemophilla, muscular dystrophy and also cause autism or Fragile X syndrome in males, etc. Sometimes, the parental gender determination can be psychological such as a single female may want a daughter than a son or parents who have lost a child may have a strong feeling to conceive a child of the same gender.

Parental Gender Determination Methods

You should do some good investigations to find an expert advice for the parental gender determination methods. Though the internet is full of different methods trying to seek your attention for the gender determination, there are only two techniques which reliably serve this purpose- a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with IVF and a sperm sorting technique known as microsort.

Gender Selection Clinics in Goa, India

Gender Selection Clinics in Goa, India

The gender determination selection ethics clinics in Goa, India offer aid to the couple with known genetic disorders in the family and those who lost a child and have a desire to conceive a child of the same gender. Our network clinics in India for parental gender determination offer PGD with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) having higher success rate. You can contact us to get the PGD gender determination selection ethics in India at the most affordable costs and clinics at the world class facilities for patients from across the globe.

Plan Your Gender Determination Selection Ethics in India


Indian Medguru Group links the space between the patients from the Europe, UK and the US with our excellent healthcare services. We arrange your doctor appointments, stay in India, your medical treatments, and provide visa and travel arrangements, language translators and foreign exchange facility in India.

We look into each and every section of the medical value trip provided by us for the minute details which will help our foreign patients to get trouble-free, comfortable and pleasurable medical journey to India. We arrange the best and most proficient clinics and make them accessible to you with the most experienced and well trained doctors as well as the medical team in India.

We ensure to offer you the highest quality treatments for the gender determination selection ethics from the first consultation throughout the treatment process afterwards through the highly skilled and committed medical team ensuring to provide the best possible advice, care and treatments. Some reasons why people choose India include the medical expertise in India, the incredible cost effective healthcare services and facilities that suits your budget and the state of the art technology which are at par with the best in the world.

As the healthcare costs are increasing in the USA and other developed countries, people travel to India for low cost parental gender determination availing the top end, state of the art infrastructure, healthcare facilities at just a small fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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