Factors That Make Goa One of the Hottest Medical Tourism Destinations

Factors that make Goa one of the Hottest MT destinations

Factors that make Goa one of the hottest MT destinations

Goa is quite a small state in India having lots of hidden surprises to enchant the foreign tourists. It has attracted the tourists from worldwide over the years for its beautiful sand beaches, ancient architecture, churches and exotic cuisine. All these factors have made Goa one of the hottest medical tourism destinations.

The availability of specialized healthcare tourism with a booming medical sector has put Goa on the world map. Each year, around 250,000 tourists have visited this western coastal destination for its sun kissed beaches and for undergoing various medical procedures. The typical European ambiance with sound infrastructure and strong hospitality factor have supported the leisure and healthcare industry in Goa. The less pollution and congestion compared to other Indian states is another factor why foreigners flock here in large numbers.

Best Healthcare System in India

Best healthcare system in India

Private hospitals in India are top notch and though they are quite expensive by Indian standards but dirt cheap by American Standards. The medical facilities and services are at par with the Western countries. The healthcare system in India offers the highest quality medical services, treatments and care to the patients. The hospitals in India are world class infrastructures, modern equipments, latest technologies, well trained doctors and surgeons with good experience of working abroad. The top hospitals in India also have JCI accreditation.

Goa – The world Capital of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Goa – The world capital of plastic and cosmetic surgery

Goa is the world capital of plastic and cosmetic surgery since people here are multi-ethnic and follow the latest cosmetic trends. The surgeries and medical procedures include the cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery which are far cheapers in Goa as compared to the developed countries.

The plastic and cosmetic surgery are performed by the finest doctors who have been trained internationally in the US< Europe and UK. The Best Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in India have all the medical facilities and in-patient care which are at par with the international standards of healthcare. They offer a wide spectrum of treatments for all the needs of the patients. The biggest credibility of the hospitals are state of the art infrastructure supporting the modern equipments and latest technology. A multi-talented staff containing of well qualified nurses and doctors attending the patients round the clock.

Goa’s Leading Cosmetic Surgeon – A Celebrity at Par with Pele

Goa’s leading cosmetic surgeon – A celebrity at par with Pele

Goa’s leading cosmetic surgeon is a celebrity at par with Pele since the country’s most celebrated plastic surgeon has shown that the aesthetic surgery goes deeper than the skin. They call them a philosopher of plastic surgery and a maestro who has done more than 300 cosmetic surgeries.

For Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India visit Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

You may contact directly with doctor at drajayakashyap@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com or for appointment with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap contact at : +919373055368

Healthcare Quality

Healthcare Quality

The level of healthcare quality is a value provided by the healthcare resources by assessing whether something is good enough and suitable for its purpose. The goal of healthcare in Goa India is to offer the highest quality medical resources to the patients seeking them. We ensure to provide good quality of life, curing illness, extending life expectancy, etc.

Low Cost Treatment 

Low Treatment Cost

Some facilities in Goa are affordable priced when it comes to offering the highest quality of plastic and cosmetic surgery in India. You can contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to check for the benefits of getting your surgery and procedures in India.

World Class Clinical Support

World class clinical support

We have world class clinical support which make Goa one of the hottest medical tourism destinations. Our physician assistants and nurse practitioners play a central role in caring for the patients. Their responsibilities range from assisting the specific faculty members or sub-specialty practices to supervising the post-operative care for the patients. Our professionals have advanced specialized training and are among the most skilled and experienced clinicians in the world for caring patients, before during and post surgery.

Overcoming the Language Barrier


Miscommunication can be life—threatening is the healthcare sector. Our aim is to understand the language barriers between the patients and the healthcare practitioners and overcoming the language barrier.


Goa - Best Healthcare Tourism in India

The availability of many resorts and spas in Goa India deals with both the preventive and curative aspects of health. Contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to book your low cost cosmetic surgery in Goa.

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