Breast Reduction Surgery by the Highly Skilled Dr Sandip Jain in India!

Breast reduction is also known as reduction mammoplasty is the procedure to remove excess breast fats, tissues and skin to achieve breast size in the proportion of the body to alleviate the discomfort with overly large breasts. Breast reduction surgery is appropriate or women with large breast which is causing neck and back pain then they can consider undergoing breast reduction surgery. Mostly women who have undergone through this procedure are happy with the results. As it is a major decision to undergo this breast reduction surgery one should consider all the potential benefits and complication related to surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery In India

Indications for considering Surgery

A woman having large breast reduction surgery which causes shoulder pain or backache is the first sign of breast reduction surgery.  The breast gland is reduced and lifted. The nipples areola complex may have to be reduced in most cases.

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Breast Feeding After Surgery

Breast Feeding After Surgery

Breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery is certainly possible. With advances with the techniques for breast reductions, surgeons are able to preserve tissues which produces milk so that a woman who undergoes breast reductions is able to produce significant amounts of milk.

Breast Reduction and Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Reduction and Breast Cancer Surgery

A newly released study that observed 1000s of women in the Unified States, Canada, Denmark and Sweden has proven that Breast Reductions significantly lower the risk of a high-risk woman developing breasts cancer. This is certainly both interesting and promising. To give high-risk women a possibility, to help them take positive measures for their own health, is rewarding both to the patients as well as to the surgeons. The study came to the conclusion that the more breasts growth a high-risk girl had the more breasts cells that they had that could become cancerous. Basically: if the tissue was removed it would never manage to become cancerous.

Life after Breast Reduction

Life after Breast Reduction

Patients note an increase in self-confidence as well as a renewed sense of freedom to wear the clothes they want to wear and participate in physical activities they had previously avoided.

While many patients experience an immediate relief from back and shoulder pain after breast reduction, it is important to understand that it will take some time for your final results to settle in. Swelling, soreness, and tingling are typical after breast reduction, so your new smaller breasts may appear a little larger than you had expected while initial swelling is present. Additionally, the breasts often heal at a different rate, so you may notice some asymmetry during the first few months of your recovery.

After about 2-3 months, your final results will be more or less in place and you can shop for new bras with confidence. However, you may notice subtle changes for the first 6 to 12 months.

Breast Reduction surgery in India by Dr Sandip Jain

Breast Reduction surgery in India by Dr Sandip Jain

Dr Sandip Jain understands the discomfort and health risks associated with over-sized breasts, and he is pleased to offer breast reduction surgery to his patients. Dr Sandip Jain utilizes a variety of breast reduction techniques depending on your individual needs. Generally the breast reduction procedure involves the removal of excess breast tissue and skin to create a lighter, more elevated and firmer breast. As part of the process, Dr Sandip Jain will give you the opportunity to thoroughly examine photographs of his patients, looking at his earlier work, so that you can see for yourself what to expect if he performs your breast reduction surgery. He tells you the results that you can expect from your surgery. It is importa

nt that you and your doctor agree on the aesthetics and mechanics of your surgery in order to obtain the results that you want.

Dr Sandip Jain is an amazing and top notch surgeon Dr. Sandip Jain works very meticulously gives you the best possible results.  Dr Sandip Jain addresses every concern with compassion. He listens to his patients and he explains the options clearly and is honest and realistic as to what patient must expect from surgery.

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