Fortis Hospital Mumbai Best for Neurology in India


The Department of Neurology at Fortis Hospital Mumbai combines clinical skill, cutting-edge research, and personalized attention to provide comprehensive care for a range of neuropsychological disorders and conditions. Neurological disorders are diseases of the brain, spine and the nerves that connect them.

Fortis Hospital offers Best treatment for Neurology in India

Neurologists and neurosurgeons of Fortis Hospital Mumbai, India have experience treating all types of brain and nervous system conditions. Many people come to Fortis Hospital Mumbai when their condition is complex or extremely unusual.  Fortis Hospital Mumbai provides evaluation and treatment for the following conditions. In addition to the conditions listed below, Fortis Hospital Mumbai neurologists and neurosurgeons also evaluate people who have neurological symptoms or complications from other conditions.

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How will Fortis Hospital Mumbai help treating Neurology Disorder?

Along with the management of patients with neurological disorders, the Neurology Department of Fortis Hospital Mumbai comprises outdoor-specialty clinics for the following neurological conditions: Movement disorders, headache, epilepsy, paediatric neurology problems and sleep disorders. Also, routine outdoor, indoor, dedicated emergency and neuro-intensive care facilities are available. They also have a paediatric neurologist dedicated for treating neurological problems in children. As the eminent consultants of Fortis Hospital Mumbai have special knowledge and interest in specific neurological diseases, subspecialty clinics with dedicated OPDs are set up. The idea behind this is to give more focused attention to patients with frequent neurological disorders, closely monitor their disease, and adjust medications and advice alternative therapy when medications fail to control the disease or become refractory.

Why Fortis Hospital in Mumbai, India

Fortis Hospital in Mumbai, India plans to make a difference to this situation.

  • Fortis Hospital in Mumbai is based in the heart of Mumbai. It is thus within reach of 300 million people in the region and neighboring areas.
  • Fortis Hospital in Mumbai is fully air-conditioned and equipped with 150 beds, 11 fully furnished Examination Rooms, 4 Operation Theatres with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Fortis Hospital in Mumbai has a dedicated team of brilliant neurosurgeons, neurologists, anaesthetics, intensivists, physiotherapists and other rehab experts, trained in the country and overseas, who are capable of providing the best medical attention to critical patients.
  • Fortis Hospital in Mumbai India has the latest equipment, highly experienced neurosurgeons and extremely strong support teams as well. The number of complex neurosurgeries surgeries performed by neurosurgeons Fortis Hospital are well over 1000

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Reason why foreigners choose India for Neurological treatment

Neurology involves providing care to patients with diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, or muscles. Specialists who offer services for diagnostic evaluation, consultation and management of neurobehavioral and associated disorders are known as neurosurgeons. The neurology hospitals in India have the well advanced (State-of-the-art) equipment, along with highly experienced and trained neurosurgeons and strong support teams as well. There are over 1000 neurosurgeon in India who can perform complex neurosurgeries, and the success rates of Neurosurgery in India have often exceeded international standards.

Indian neuro surgeons are well qualified; many of them are super specialized in the focus areas such as skull base surgeries, interventional neuroradiology, and pediatric neurosurgery. Apart from the trained professionals and international standard facilities, neurology and neurosurgery hospitals in India have rehabilitation specialists, as a complex neurosurgery often requires intense physical and neuro rehabilitation. Neurosurgery cost in India for the neuro surgery is starting from USD $3000 to $6000. The cost of same neurosurgery in the USA would be approximately five times of cost in India. The expansive number of neurosurgeries in India empowers Indian hospitals to offer low cost neurosurgery in India. Further, cost of neurosurgery in India is amongst the lowest in the world.

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