Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Heart Surgeon Fortis Hospital in Delhi

Overview: Paediatric Heart Treatment 

Heart surgical treatment in children are indicated to restore coronary heart defects a infant is born with CHD (congenital heart defects) and heart diseases a child gets after birth. The surgery is needed for the child’s wellbeing. There are many kinds of heart defects ranging from minor to serious. Defects can arise within the heart or within the large blood vessels outside the heart. Some heart defects may need surgery right after the baby is born and for few defects the surgery can wait.  Certain heart defects may not need repair as they can heal as the baby grows.

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma Providing Your Child with Exceptional Care in Delhi

Dr. Rajesh Sharma best paediatric heart surgeon in Delhi treats a wide range of cardiac conditions and has great expertise in managing complex congenital cardiac surgery. Dr. Rajesh Sharma aim is to continue to provide a child heart surgery service that is recognized internationally and to continue participating in improvements in the care of children requiring this surgical management. He offers a comprehensive surgical program that includes every procedure available for the treatment of pediatric heart disease and defects. Dr. Rajesh Sharma director and head of paediatric cardiac surgery at Fortis hospital Delhi care for children of every age, including preterm and low-birth-weight newborns, tailoring procedures and treatments to the needs of each individual child and his or her family. 

Family-Centered Paediatric Heart Care by Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon in India

In case your baby has to have surgical procedure to correct a congenital coronary heart disorder, you understandably are concerned about what occurs before, all through and after surgical procedure. Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Heart Surgeon wants to take the guesswork out of it for your family. He is committed to assisting his patients and their families ensuring the best possible surgical outcomes. Dr. Rajesh Sharma is committed to provide health care of international standard at an affordable cost. Along with the latest technology he ensures best possible care for a wide spectrum of paediatric heart conditions. Dr. Rajesh Sharma excellent paediatric cardiac health care provider in Delhi has an extended culture of offering surgical care of children with heart disorder. He cares for kids who are born with heart defects (congenital disease) and those who develop defects after birth (acquired disease).

Mission of Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Heart Surgeon in Delhi

Dr. Rajesh Sharma is devoted to imparting awesome personalized, developmentally appropriate care for infants, youngsters and adolescents within the context of their family and community. He recognizes that excellence in patient care is the result of an interdisciplinary effort.  Dr. Rajesh Sharma is devoted in offering the satisfactory care possible in a toddler pleasant environment that consists of committed pediatric emergency, day surgery, and outpatient and inpatient services. Dr. Rajesh Sharma honor diversity, he encourages open discussion and respect the parent’s and child’s right to participate in the planning of care.

Why Choose Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Heart Surgeon via Indian Med Guru Consultant?

Indian Med Guru Consultant offers seamless patient services of world-class quality. With Indian Med Guru Consultant, we recognize that international patients have special needs and requirements. We have a dedicated international patients’ wing specially crafted and designed for you to enjoy true medical value travel in India.

Services Offered for All International Patients Who Visit India

  1. Airport Pick up and Drop Facility
  2. Accommodation for the companion
  3. Interpretation Services
  4. Specific assist desk and committed supervisor to ensure smooth service
  5. Currency Exchange
  6. Visa Assistance
  7. Cuisine to suit your palate
  8. Locker facility for all your valuables
  9. All the necessary arrangements for return journey
  10. Local site seeing / Tourism Arrangement

Get Fast Track Appointment with Dr. Rajesh Sharma Best Paediatric Heart Surgeon Fortis Hospital Delhi send Your detailed medical history and medical reports as email attachment to Dr. Rajesh Sharma Email Address: dr.rajeshsharma@indianmedguru.com Dr. Rajesh Sharma Mobile Number : +91-9860755000.

Read Dr Rajesh Sharma Success Story of Baby of Uganda

Successful Pediatric Heart Surgery by Dr. Rajesh Sharma JP Hospital Noida

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