Dr. Rajesh Sharma Save life 3 Yrs Child from Nigeria done Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Fortis Hospital Delhi

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Hello, I am Mrs. Williams from Nigeria. I came for my son’s pediatric cardiac surgery at Fortis Hospital Delhi. Chiagoziem Willams is three years old and my doctor find out that he has a hole in the heart some days after he was one and this was in 2007 December. We took him to nearly two three hospitals where they already did courses and we discovered that he has a hole in the heart but there was little that could be done before three. So that is going to do which a very small device and we were experiencing too much problem as he was having fever every day. After having taking him to another doctor, who recommended to get his pediatric cardiac surgery at Fortis Hospital Delhi through best pediatric cardiac surgeons in India, Dr. Rajesh Sharma.

We started searching for more information about the doctor and the hospital in India and came across IndianMedguru, the leading medical service provider. They provided detailed information about the Fortis Hospital Delhi and pediatric cardiac surgeons in India, Dr. Rajesh Sharma. After reading the information about them, we decided to contact them. We filled a free consultation form on their website and send our query to them. Within two days, I received a call from one of their executives who was kind and answered all my queries. She also explained me about their entire process which should be followed to get pediatric cardiac surgery for my son from Dr. Rajesh Sharma Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon at Fortis Hospital Delhi. She also asked for the medical reports of Chiagoziem.

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After exchanging few mails and calls, we were still hesitant to travel to India for the paediatric cardiac surgery. It was then she arranged with a telephonic conversation with best pediatric cardiac surgeons in India, Dr. Rajesh Sharma, who assured us that the pediatric cardiac surgery will be smooth. This helped us a get rid of our worries a bit, hence we gave them our confirmation to fly down to India for the treatment.

The medical service provider, IndianMedguru Consultants helped us by sending medical visa letters, also helped with flight ticket bookings, scheduling appointment with the surgeon, arrangements for accommodation, food, transport, etc. At the Delhi Airport, an official welcomed us and escorted to our accommodation. That evening we were escorted to Fortis Hospital Delhi where we met the doctor. Dr. Rajesh Sharma asked to undergo some tests before the surgery. He again explained us about the procedure, cleared all my worries and queries about the surgery.


The operation went well. I was so happy because I;ve been waiting for this for the past three years and Dr. Rajesh told me that everything went fine with no problem. The international patient representative, the hospital staff were very nice people. Everybody would come to see actually how you are feeling, whether we had any problem, they also looked for earing and any other program that needs to be followed post surgery. I am happy that we were comfortable and doing good to get moving on since I’m always down on crying and if its predecessor to me that everything will be okay and there’s no problem. Before the surgery, he used to wake up in the night screaming that he is sweating and would be crying through the night. Also as per the medical doctor this problem is so common in Nigeria and so from now on, I’ll be telling them and I will refer to get the surgery from Dr. Rajesh Sharma, pediatric cardiac surgeons in India from IndianMedguru at Fortis Hospital Delhi India. This is because now my child is so good with no problem at all and I am happy since I could prove now that my son is a normal child and will register him when the school starts.

I am very happy for the constant support and care I got for planning pediatric cardiac surgery of Chiagoziem through IndianMedguru. I would definitely recommend IndianMedguru to anyone needing to plan their pediatric cardiac surgery from Dr. Rajesh Sharma at Fortis Hospital Delhi.

Thanking You,

Mrs. Williams,


Best Plastic Surgeon in India Attract Global Patients for High Quality & Affordable Healthcare Services



With the advent of plastic surgeries the idea of correcting improper shapes found over human body has become practical. Now, one can reshape your body parts like nose, nostrils, ears, breasts, and several other exterior body parts as per your body requirements. This has therefore made the plastic surgeries popular among the global patients who visit India in the search of top hospitals like Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai for best plastic surgeon in India. The plastic surgeries are often confused with cosmetic procedures but there is some amount of difference between the two. The former deals with fixing the issues of the body seemed permanent while the later is all about reconstructive surgeries meant to add the charm and cosmetic elements seeking the best plastic surgeon in India at top hospitals like Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai. Time to dig in deep about the role of any Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top hospitals like Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai in the following paragraphs:

Why Plastic Surgeries?

best-plastic-surgeon-in-indiaThere can be a number of reasons for opting the best plastic surgeon in India for any plastic surgeries; however, one of the key reasons to the same is to get rid of the body ailments and disorders for making them appealing and functional. This end up adding our confidence level at workplace and social circles but at the very same day the surgeries can make you really feel better and competitive in this highly competitive world. Thus one can reap a number of benefits out of the plastic surgery including the psychological benefits and cosmetic reasons which is really important in this cut throat competitive age. Thus you have so many reasons to choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai. For Free Consultation with Dr. Milind Wagh Contact at waghmilind@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com or call at  +91-9373055368.

Common Plastic Surgeries

When it comes to plastic surgeries done by Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai, there is no dearth for the same in medical circles. However, in the recent times, it has attracted the global patients to Indian hospitals thanks to the team of Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai. Let’s dig in deep to get some of the common ones as under:

Liposuction : This plastic surgery deals in removing the localized fats seeking Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai to find a new shape. It can help in increasing your self confidence along with making you free from depression due to extra weight. This procedure also falls under cosmetic ones as it helps in removing fats over the body to make you charming.

Facelift : This plastic surgery carried out by Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai deals with getting rid of the aging signs like the wrinkled signs over your face.

Nose Surgery : This surgery is also called as Rhinoplasty, which is carried out by Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai that deals with correcting the shape of your nose that can be carried out with the elevation of depressed nose or even over the tip of your nose.

Scar Revision : This surgery carried out by Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai deals with removing the scars over your face. These can be scars can be due to various reasons including injury, aging, and other issues.

Why Choose Indian Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai?

India is known to have one of the best hospitals and plastic surgeries. This certainly includes the one called Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai, which is known for having one of the Best Plastic Surgeon in India team. The Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai is equipped with state of art facilities, which is governed by the innovative and latest technology. This means the hospital is competent enough to carry out any plastic surgery without any hassle or issue. This is the reason why more and more global patients are attracted towards Best Plastic Surgeon in India at top Hiranandani Hospital Mumbai.

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Gender Determination – What You Should Know?


Gender Determination India

Gender determination sex selection is an attempt to control the sex of an offspring with a view to achieve the desired sex. The pre-natal gender determination practise is banned in India since 1994, under the Pre-conception and the Parental Diagnostic Techniques Act. This act aims to prevent the sex-selective abortion which as per the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has it roots in the long history og strong patriarchal influence in all the spheres of life in India.

The gender determination is done for diagnosing any birth defects or medical abnormalities in the fetus and to employ the appropriate treatment. Here are some insights on what you should know about the gender determination methods which are ethical as well as medical proven.

How is Gender Determination Accomplished?

How is Gender Determination Accomplished

The gender determination India is accomplished by several ways of the pre as well as post implantation of an embryo and at birth. The parental gender determination is popularized under the title family balancing and involves two medical advances which evolved the demand for sex selection- better ability for genetically assessing the embryos before transferring into the uterus also known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or PGD and improvement in understanding of the genetic diseases .

Gender Determination Selection Ethics

Gender Determination Selection Ethics

The gender determination selection ethics is also used today for preventing a genetic disease also known as a medical gender selection. In certain cases, the male offspring could inherit a sex-related diseases sich as hemophilla, muscular dystrophy and also cause autism or Fragile X syndrome in males, etc. Sometimes, the parental gender determination can be psychological such as a single female may want a daughter than a son or parents who have lost a child may have a strong feeling to conceive a child of the same gender.

Parental Gender Determination Methods

You should do some good investigations to find an expert advice for the parental gender determination methods. Though the internet is full of different methods trying to seek your attention for the gender determination, there are only two techniques which reliably serve this purpose- a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with IVF and a sperm sorting technique known as microsort.

Gender Selection Clinics in Goa, India

Gender Selection Clinics in Goa, India

The gender determination selection ethics clinics in Goa, India offer aid to the couple with known genetic disorders in the family and those who lost a child and have a desire to conceive a child of the same gender. Our network clinics in India for parental gender determination offer PGD with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) having higher success rate. You can contact us to get the PGD gender determination selection ethics in India at the most affordable costs and clinics at the world class facilities for patients from across the globe.

Plan Your Gender Determination Selection Ethics in India


Indian Medguru Group links the space between the patients from the Europe, UK and the US with our excellent healthcare services. We arrange your doctor appointments, stay in India, your medical treatments, and provide visa and travel arrangements, language translators and foreign exchange facility in India.

We look into each and every section of the medical value trip provided by us for the minute details which will help our foreign patients to get trouble-free, comfortable and pleasurable medical journey to India. We arrange the best and most proficient clinics and make them accessible to you with the most experienced and well trained doctors as well as the medical team in India.

We ensure to offer you the highest quality treatments for the gender determination selection ethics from the first consultation throughout the treatment process afterwards through the highly skilled and committed medical team ensuring to provide the best possible advice, care and treatments. Some reasons why people choose India include the medical expertise in India, the incredible cost effective healthcare services and facilities that suits your budget and the state of the art technology which are at par with the best in the world.

As the healthcare costs are increasing in the USA and other developed countries, people travel to India for low cost parental gender determination availing the top end, state of the art infrastructure, healthcare facilities at just a small fraction of the cost elsewhere.

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Hysterectomy – Recovery, Complications and Side Effects

What is Hysterectomy?


Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure in which the uterus is removed and this surgery for women is the most common non-obstetrical surgical procedure in the US.

How Common Hysterectomy?

About 300 out of every 100,000 women undergo a hysterectomy in India.

Why Hysterectomy Performed?

The most common reasons for performing a hysterectomy is for the uterine fibroids and other reasons are- cervical dysplasia, abnormal uterine bleeding and endometriosis and the uterine prolapse. About 10 percent of hysterectomies are performed for cancer. Uterine fibroids are the most common reason a hysterectomy surgery needs to be performed.

Indications for the hysterectomy in case of uterine fibroids are excessive size of the fibroids, pressure or pain, severe bleeding to produce anemia. Pelvic relaxation is another condition requiring treatment with a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is also performed for treating the uterine cancer or very severe pre-cancers. A hysterectomy for endometrial cancer has an obvious purpose to remove the cancer from the body and this procedure is the foundation treatment for cancer of the uterus.

What tests are need to Perform for Hysterectomy?


Women must under a pelvic examination, a pap smear and a diagnosis before performing the hysterectomy. Before a hysterectomy for pelvic pain, women might undergo exploratory surgery procedures to rule out other causes of pain. Before having a hysterectomy for abnormal uterine bleeding, women will need some type of sampling of the lining of the uterus to rule out cancer or pre-cancer of the uterus and this procedure is called an endometrial sampling.

Pelvic ultrasounds and or pelvic computerized tomography tests should be done to confirm the diagnosis. Women with pelvic pain or bleeding need a medical treatment before considering a hysterectomy.

What are the Complications and side Effects?

Complications and side effects of a hysterectomy are pain, infection and bleeding in the surgical area. An abdominal hysterectomy has a higher rate of post operative pain and infection than a vaginal hysterectomy.

Recovery After Surgery


After undergoing a hysterectomy, you may wake up feeling tired and experience some pain. You will be given painkillers to reduce pain and discomfort. If you feel sick after anaesthesia, then your nurse will give medicines to get relief. You will slightly feel uncomfortable and need to empty the bowels. The day after the operation, you will be asked to take a short walk which will help the blood to flow normally and this will reduce the risk of complications such as blood clots in the legs.

A physiotherapist will show how to do some exercises that will help your mobility and will also show some pelvic floor muscle exercises to help you with recovery. After removal of the catheter, you will be able to pass urine normally. Any stitches that require to be removed will be taken out five to seven days post surgery. The length of recovery time will depend on your age and overall general health.

You may be able to leave between one and four days later if you have had a vaginal or laparoscopic hysterectomy. If you have had an abdominal hysterectomy, then you it will take about five days before you will be discharged. You will be asked to see your GP in four to six weeks but the follow up appointments with the hospitals are not needed unless there are some complications.

It will take about six to eight weeks to completely recover post an abdominal hysterectomy. The recovery times are shorter post the laparoscopy or vaginal hysterectomy. You should rest as much as possible and do not lift anything heavy since your abdominal muscles and the surrounding tissues require time to heal.

Final Verdict

Hysterectomy surgery in India is offered at low cost at Forerunners Healthcare Consultants, a renowned medical value provider in India. We have tied up with the top hospitals and the best surgeons across various cities such as New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Nagpur, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, etc. We ensure to provide the highest quality medical services and care to our international patients seeking low cost hysterectomy surgery in India. Send us your inquiry to get an appointment for the hysterectomy surgery at affordable cost in India.

To get more info visit here : www.forerunnershealthcare.com/hysterectomy-surgery-India-low-cost-benefits.html


Advantages of Low Cost Benefits Tubal Ligation Surgery in India

Tubal ligation surgery India

When it comes to surgeries like tubal ligation procedure, it can be called as a surgical procedure, which helps in restoring the fertility to women after having a tubal ligation. However, the very same surgery is reversal as well wherein the surgeon is seen re-joining the separated segments over the fallopian tube, the tubal reversal offers women the fair chance to become pregnant again in a natural fashion. This can be called as a delicate surgery, which is carried out the best seeking the help of reproductive surgeon seeking the help of specialised training and experience in handling a number of techniques falling under the tubal ligation reversal. In the recent past few years, Indian hospitals have one of the most reasonable options for a number of healthcare services and Tubal ligation surgery India, which offer the global patients smarter solutions to the global patients attracting far and wide.

Understanding the Tubal ligation Surgery

Tubal Ligation Surgery in India3

The women who after two or three kids want to avoid unwanted pregnancies end up opting for the surgery. The Tubal ligation surgery India – Indianmedguru deals with tying up their tubes as they leave the hospital after delivering a baby or simply want to come for the tubal ligation with the help of laparoscopic surgery. It is often an outpatient surgical procedure, which is carried out via a scope, which moves via the belly button. Once you have this surgery, you cannot conceive, however, there are certain women who are seen having the tubal ligation and then regret their decision for such people, they have the option of reversing the condition with the reversal tubal ligation surgery or can have kids with procedures like IVF. Such surgeries would simply need a laparotomy wherein a big size incision is made over the abdomen area that tolls to around 4 to 6 inches in length. As the skin and the muscles along with other tissues of abdominal wall should be cut hence it is considered to be an uncomfortable option for one and all.

Am I the Candidate of Tubal Ligation Surgery

Am I the Candidate of Tubal Ligation Surgery

The candidates for Tubal ligation surgery India are for the women who are keen for having a solution for permanent birth control. This can be called as a surgical procedure wherein the women are seen sterilising and preventing the pregnancies with the help of failure rate going as low as 0.4 percent. As far as the success rates are concerned, the recent studies indicate that more than 99 percent of these would be seen working out for the woman going for the same. Thus the success rate of the procedure would more rely upon a number of factors like the age of the patient, the experience of the surgeon and the procedure as well.

Tubal Ligation Surgery – Procedure

Tubal Ligation Surgery – Procedure

This surgery can be carried out both with open and laparoscopic option. The latter is more popular than the other wherein the surgeon is seen cutting and blocking the fallopian tubes during the Tubal ligation surgery India seeking the help of laparoscope that is inserted inside the body. The surgeon then has the view on the monitor with the help of cutting instrument along with cutting the same via the tubes. This surgery is carried out on the outpatient basis, which means the patients can return home the very same day.

Why Choose Tubal ligation Surgery in India?

Low Cost Tubal ligation surgery India

If you talk about the Tubal ligation surgery India – Indianmedguru the global patients coming for the same are seen with a number of benefits, which give them the reason to choose the same. India has started ranking high when it comes to giving high quality services, which can be found at much of the affordable cost. The Indian hospitals are known to have one of the best healthcare professionals and doctors and surgeons who are skilled enough to make things better at much of the affordable cost.

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Why Cancer Surgeons in India is on Top Priority?

Overview Cancer Surgeons in India 

Capture 4

Cancer surgeons in India specialize in treating cancer using surgery and they are also called as a surgical oncologist. Surgery is the oldest type of cancer therapy which remains an effective type of cancer treatment for many types of cancer even today. The goal of surgery varies and it is often used to remove all or some of the cancerous tissues after their diagnosis.

Cancer surgery is an operation for repairing or removing a part of the body to diagnose or treat cancer. This is the foundation of cancer treatment and many ways to treat cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immuno therapy. Surgery is the oldest and most commonly used form of therapy and it is the standard form of treatment for most benign and malignant cancers. Considering over 200 different types of cancer which can occur in the human body there are numerous treatment options which aim to remove the cancerous tissues from the patient completely without causing significant damage to the rest of the body.

Cancer surgeons in India represents leaders in cancer care and aim to improve the cancer patient care and work towards providing high quality cancer care. They strive to develop the best educational resources, offer useful training opportunities, advocate for the patients and also stay up to date on the latest cancer care trends and treatments. The cancer surgeons in India are highly qualified, skillful and trained from the best medical institutions from across the globe.

Selecting a cancer surgeon in India to treat your cancer is one of the most important decisions you will ever need to make. Your primary care doctor may refer you to one or more specialists including medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists. Often these doctors work together as a team and have expertise in handling, especially the most difficult or complex cases. The cancer surgeons in India is one top priority as they continue to attract a growing number of patients from South Africa, Europe and African countries.

The cancer surgeons in India have a wide experience in various cancer surgeries with positive outcome. They are qualified from the countries such as the UK, the USA and Japan. The best surgeons in India work as a team with the expertise to provide the highest standard of healthcare and providing patient care. They are highly experience and knowledgeable to provide the international level of healthcare and hospitality to the patients.

To practice as a cancer surgeon in India, they require the following qualifications:

  • Ms in General surgery
  • MCH in Cancer Surgery
  • International Fellowship and Training Programs
  • DNB/FRCS/MRCS from International Colleges and Hospitals
  • Wide Clinical Experience
  • Publications and Paper Presentations in Reputed Scientific and Medical Journals

Why India for Cancer Treatment


India is now being recognized as a leading medical hub providing excellent medical services and treatments for the global patients. India offers cost effective treatments for various cancer surgeries from the best cancer surgeons at the top cancer hospitals in India. You can contact us to explore the information provided on our website about the various cancer surgeries available in India and see how you will benefit from the world wide advancement of healthcare and globalization for cancer surgery in India. We will assist you and empower you to make confident decisions regarding your health and well being. Contact us to get your treatment from cancer surgeons in India.

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants India 

Forerunners healthcare consultants in India provides assistance to the foreign patients seeking highest quality medical services and treatments at the most affordable prices. We offer personalized services and utilize the best facilities by the highly skilled cancer surgeons in India. Our facilitation includes arranging the travel facilitation including air travel tickets to India and back, airport reception and check-in to local hotel, post surgical continued consultation support via Email or live interaction with the attending Doctor or Medical Specialists.

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Where is the Best Treatment Found for Leukemia in India?



Leukemia is nothing but the cancer of blood cells. It simply starts with the bone marrow that is soft tissues inside our bones. A majority of these can be called as the cancer of white blood cells; however, some of the blood cancers can start in other types of blood cells types that produce the abnormal amount of white blood cells that are known Leukemia cells. These are abnormal blood cells simply grow very much fast than the usual blood cells and it doesn’t stop when these are supposed to. India ranks at the top when it comes to accessing high quality oncology treatment options, which is promised at much of the affordable cost. With this combination at the helm of affair, more and more global patients are heading to India for the healthcare services, which certainly include the cancer patients. However, when it comes to accessing these features, one has to rely on a reputed medical tourism company like IndianMeduguru. The leukemia in India – Indianmedguru are highly affordable calling global patients far and wide.   Now, let’s dig in deep to get the treatment option of leukemia as under:

Types of Leukemia


Leukemia can be called as the cancer of white blood cells. It starts in the bone marrow that is the soft tissues over the bones. When it comes to the types of the menace, it has several. So before you worry about the The leukemia in India – Indianmedguru, let’s check the following are the type of categories:

  • Acute or Chronic: The acute Leukaemia simply get bad to worse in a shorter time amount of and it simply may make you feel very much sick the very next time. The Chronic Leukaemia simply gets the worse slowly ad gradually along with giving a number of symptoms for years.
  • Lymphocytic or Myelogenous: This kind of cancer simply hampers the white blood cells, whereas the Myelogenous leukaemia is seen hampering the white blood cells known as called myelocytes.
  • The Types of Leukaemia simple include-Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia (AML), Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia ( CLL) and the Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia (CML).

Causes of Leukemia


The real cause of leukemia is still not known but there are several risk factors that boost the risk of having certain types of the menace. These simply include:

  • Certain amount of genetic disorders including the Down syndrome is simply linked associated with the boost the risk of leukemia.
  • People are simply exposed to high level of radiations usually when people work in Nuclear reactor, for instance.
  • Certain amount of Chemical Exposure like Benzene
  • The Viral Infections
  • Smoking and consumption of tobacco linked to acute myelogenous leukemia.
  • People with a number of medical conditions including sinusitis, Pneumonia, chronic osteoarthritis and others, which come along with lightly higher risk of developing leukemia
  • Cancer with Family history that didn’t choose the treatment for the leukemia in India – Indianmedguru.

Best Treatment for Leukemia

The treatment of blood cancer or Leukaemia simply depends upon on the kind of & stage of the disease. The chances for the recovery are always been the better option when it is seen getting diagnosed in the early stages. But with cancer treatment available in the form of treating the disease even when it is seen reaching to advanced or metastatic levels. It simply works over the principle of the Immunotherapy, which simply enhances your immune cells found in our human body to combat against the cancer cells and thus helps in controlling the disease with leukemia in India – IndianMedguru.

Why Choose Treatment for Leukemia in India


If you are looking for treatment option for ailments like blood cancer, India is regarded as the top destinations for one and all coming from a number of nations. However, for high quality and affordable healthcare solutions then IndianMedguru comes as the best option. The leukemia in India – Indianmedguru packages considered to be among the top option for global patients for the best hospitals and medical centers along with having the top cancer surgeons and doctors.

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