Medical Tour To India From Zambia Successful Owing To Cost Effective Orthopaedic Surgery


Joint problems are highly prevalent in today’s society. We often come across obese people and there are many who complain about the discomfort that they have to face due to these Joint problems. There can be many causes behind this – may be genetic, excessive weight gain, total absence of physical exercise, others. Thus, there comes a point when Joint problems can’t be dealt with easy non-surgical methods and then surgical attention is required. 

Joint Replacement surgeries are performed to get rid of the diseased parts of a joint and to get them swapped with new, man-made components. Supplanting a joint can lessen the pain and enables the patient to get back to his or her routine life smoothly. These Joint problems are quite rampant, not only in the developed nations but also in the developing ones like Zambia, irrespective of age. 

Medical Treatment at Best Hospitals in India

The best Joint Replacement hospitals of India are making Orthopaedic treatment so viable for the Zambia citizens. Not only this, the Orthopaedic surgery price in India for Zambia Nationals, that these hospitals are offering are very appealing and making more and more Zambians plan their medical tour to India from Zambia. Medical treatment in India is very sophisticated yet affordable and there is no compromise in the quality of services. Further, the Orthopaedic doctors in India are highly qualified and proficient to deal with any kind of Joint Replacement issues. These doctors are renowned to be very meticulous and thus there are hardly any risks or complications. This is very rare and there are not many countries, which are equipped with such facilities. 

india from zambia medical tour

Medical Visa Assistance to India from Zambia

Orthopaedic surgeries can be extremely discomforting because of the pain. It can so extreme that the pain may restrict the patient from performing his or her daily activities. Thus, it is very crucial that such patients receive timely treatment; especially the patients from the developing countries like Zambia. For the Zambia patients, one of the crucial steps for receiving treatment in India is to get quick and easy medical visa to India. India provides excellent medical visa assistance to Zambia Nationals so that they can access the Orthopaedic cure on time and get relief from the pain and discomfort as early as possible. 

Facilities provided by Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital in India

The Joint Replacement hospitals of India welcome the Zambian medical tourists with an array of Orthopaedic treatment choices along with superlative post operative care. There are several benefits of obtaining Orthopaedic cure in India. 

• The Joint Replacement hospitals in of India are renowned internationally for being extremely sophisticated

• These ‘centers of excellence’ are armed with state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and there are many Joint Replacement surgeries performed annually 

• The success rates at these hospitals are at par with the international standards

• The Orthopaedic doctors and surgeons in India are highly talented and make medical tour to India from Zambia totally fulfilling 

• There are no hindrances due to language differences as the paramedic staff is fluent English speakers 

• In case of any issues due to language, there are translators available to deal with it 

• The Orthopaedic surgery price in India for Zambia patients is very reasonable 

• No lengthy wait lists in the Joint Replacement hospitals, for the Zambians in India

• The nursing staff is very competent and caters to the Zambia patients with supreme care 

• The medical assistance for Zambian Nationals is very high and matches the expectations of these patients 

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With these advanced and top class Joint Replacement amenities so easily available in India, no wonder there is such a steep rise in the number of Zambians planning their medical tour to India from Zambia. Furthermore, the Orthopaedic surgery price in India for Zambia patients is so sensibly priced that the Zambia citizens do not have any second thoughts before finalizing India as their treatment destination. Also, with top notch medical visa assistance to Zambia Nationals, these patients do not face any hiccups while visiting India.



Cost Effective And Advanced Medical Treatment In India For Zambia Nationals


After Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the immediate life threatening health issue affecting millions of people globally is Cancer. There is continuous need for innovation in its treatment methods and thus there is a lot of research being done worldwide to help the Cancer affected population. There are many types of Cancer but some of the most prevalent types are Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Brain Cancer, and Prostate Cancer.

As most of us know that if accessed to timely treatment, Cancer is surely curable. But it’s not possible for all; particularly for the Cancer affected population of the developing countries like Zambia. When it comes to Cancer treatment, the situation is quite dire for the Zambians. India is a major ray of hope for them and therefore the rise in the number of medical visa from Zambia to India.

Abundant Availability of Medical Treatment in India for Zambia Nationals

Although there are basic health amenities available in Zambia, when it comes difficult health disorders like Cancer, there is not much accessible to the Zambian population. This is where India has proven to be extremely beneficial for the Zambian. Medical Treatment in India for Zambia Nationals is a boon for the Cancer affected Zambians. India is blessed with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Cancer specialists. They have years of training and supreme patient care experience, and are renowned both in India and abroad. Further, the India Cancer hospitals have ample of finest preventive methodologies, most progressive techniques for Cancer screening and Cancer treatments, along with exceptional Cancer cure packages.

Special Services For Zambia Patients

Cost effective and Advanced Medical Treatment in India for Zambia Nationals

As mentioned above, there is critical shortage of Cancer associated amenities in Zambia, because of which they have to look beyond the boundaries of their country for beneficial treatment options. Looking at India’s popularity as a medical tourism hub and the array of Cancer treatment options available here, Medical Treatment in India For Zambia Nationals has proved to be very worthwhile for the Zambians. The Zambians are given immediate and individualized attention in Indian hospitals. There are expert translators to help them overcome any language issues, while communicating with the medical professionals. The Zambians don’t have to wait much to get attended as the hospitals ensure timely cure. Most importantly, the Cancer treatment in India very reasonably priced as compared to other countries.

Lack Of Cancer Expertise In Zambia

The healthcare system of Zambia is lagging behind in many matters. There is extreme shortage in properly functioning diagnostic equipment, the nursing staff is not adequately trained, not enough surgical facilities and many more issues. But one of the most critical issues is the lack of Cancer expertise in Zambia. The Zambian Health Department says that the ratio of healthcare professionals per 1,000 population in Zambian is much lower than what is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). There is lot of negligence and funding issues and continual brain drain. Cancer specialists are migrating from Zambia to other countries looking for better remuneration. Owing to these issues the suffering Zambian population is opting for medical visa from Zambia to India.

Indian Medical Visa From Zambia To India

Owing to the easy accessibility to such excellent healthcare services; especially related to Cancer, innumerable Cancer affected Zambians, obtaining medical visa from Zambia to India. The medical visa process is not very complicated and there is complete support provided to the Zambians so that they don’t have to wait for a long time to get timely treatment. India has given a new lease of life to the Cancer affected Zambians by making medical treatment in India for Zambia Nationals so very viable and cost effective.

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Budget Surgery Packages For Rwanda Citizens in India


What is Cancer Surgery?
Cancer surgeries are used to diagnose, and cure Cancer and to provide relief from the discomfort associated with this deadly disease. Sometimes, only one surgery is enough but in some cases, different surgeries may be required during the course of treatment.

  • Diagnostic surgery – It is done to identify the type of Cancer and also determine the stage.
  • Staging Surgery – Is done to know how far the Cancer has spread. In this the Cancer specialists examine the areas around the Cancer and also the surrounding organs.
  • Curative Surgery – the aim of this surgery is to remove the entire tumour; can be done before or after Chemotherapy and Radiation.
  • Debulking Surgery – This surgery involves removing a portion of the tumour as removing the whole tumour may cause considerable amount of damage to the patient’s body; Chemotherapy and Radiation can be done after this.
  • Palliative Surgery – This does not cure Cancer but this is implemented to provide relief from the problems that have occurred due to Cancer and the treatment procedures.
  • Supportive Surgery – This surgery supports the working and effectiveness of other modes of treatment used to treat Cancer.
  • Restorative Surgery – Also called as Reconstructive surgery, this is done to restore the body’s appearance or the functioning of a particular organ that was affected due to Cancer.
  • Preventative Surgery – This surgery is done to remove tissues that may with time get cancerous. There is no guarantee of Cancer prevention but it surely reduces the risk of Cancer. For example, those who have a family history of Breast Cancer, for them Mastectomy is the Preventative surgery.

Medical Treatment at Best Hospitals in  India

India has a chain of hospitals, focused on Cancer. Some of them are Global Hospital Chennai, Apollo Hospital Delhi, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Jaslok Hospital, and Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai. These hospitals are blessed with all the amenities meeting the expectations of the Rwanda citizens. The qualities and features that make these some of the best in the world are:

  • Internationally accredited.
  • Doctors and surgeons known nationally and internationally.
  • Uncompromised quality of healthcare services.
  •  No language barriers; translators or interpreters available.
  • Highly trained and experienced assistant staff.
  • Availability of budget surgery packages for Rwanda citizens.
  • No lengthy wait lists.
  • Most modern Cancer cure techniques implemented.
  • Latest Cancer medicines.
  • Best doctor-patients and very homely ambience.

Budget Surgery Packages for Rwanda Citizens in India

Budget Surgery Packages For Rwanda Citizens 

There is no doubt that the medical field has touched new horizons of innovation. But at the same time healthcare expenditures are increasing simultaneously and rapidly. Cancer being one of the most expensive treatments, it becomes very burdening for Rwanda patients to bear the costs. So they are looking for countries, where Cancer cure is more sensibly priced. India is a boon in this matter. Cancer treatment is still very economical in Indian hospitals, which offer Surgery Packages for Rwanda Citizens. Thus, Rwanda patients are enjoying very reasonably priced Cancer treatment in India. Moreover, despite being so cost effective, the nature of services offered is not at all compromised much to the satisfaction of the Rwanda citizens.

Services Provided By India Cancer Surgery Site

  • We are continuously trying to provide the best healthcare services to the Rwanda patients
  • Our staff provides round the clock medical visa assistance to India from Rwanda
  • We guide the Rwanda Cancer patients so that their choice of hospital is suitable for them
  • Our belief in maintaining an ethical and uncomplicated approach, is what makes us more reliable and accessible
  • We help the Rwanda patients in availing the budget surgery packages for  Rwanda citizens for advanced Cancer surgeries
  • With us, the Rwanda patients can get immediate medical attention and we ensure that are in capable hands
  • Our staff provides full fledged medical assistance for Rwanda patients, throughout their treatment process
  • Through our follow up services, we make sure that there are no obstacle in their follow up schedules


With all these extraordinary healthcare facilities, India is turning out to the most sought after and surely the ultimate healthcare tourism destination for the Rwanda citizens; primarily because of the budget surgery packages for Rwanda citizens. Also, with the best medical visa assistance to India from Rwanda, it has become all the more feasible for the Rwandans to visit India for successful Cancer cure.

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Medical Tourism to India from Malawi seeing an Upheaval owing to Special Surgery Costs Benefits to Malawi Patients at the Top Cancer Surgery Hospitals in India

Cancer is a class of diseases, which starts when gene changes lead to the unusual growth or multiplication of one or more cells. But quite opposite the misconception, it is not the end of life. If detected on time, it can get cured, and the patient can welcome a new lease of life. There is a lot of research being done in Indian healthcare arena, in order to curb this life-threatening issue. Cancer surgery in India has undergone revolutionary changes over the years. Today, India is a looked upon as a matured country when it comes to affordable Cancer surgery, especially special surgery cost benefits to Malawi patients.

special Surgery cost benefits to Malawi Patients.png

Top Cancer surgery hospitals in India and the best Cancer surgeons are now envisioned to define the future of Cancer treatment keeping in mind the price tag factor. India has some of the best ‘centers of excellence’ like Global Hospital Chennai, Apollo Hospital Delhi, Fortis Hospital Mumbai, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Jaslok Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai and many more. This is the main facet that is boosting medical tourism to India from Malawi and several Malawian medical tourists are visiting India for successful Cancer treatment.

Special Surgery cost benefits to Malawi Patients at the best Cancer Hospitals In India

As the cost of Cancer cure is getting more and more expensive, patients around the world are looking for countries like India, where Cancer cure is more reasonably priced and easily viable. This is where India stands in a very beneficial position. Although cancer treatment is one of the most high-priced treatments, affordable Cancer surgery in highly viable in India; and despite being monetarily accessible in India, the quality of services offered is not at all compromised and this is what is giving a welcome rise to medical tourism to India from Malawi.

Most Progressive Cancer Treatments Available in Indian Hospitals Include:

  • Surgery – Surgery is mostly successful if the tumor hasn’t spread to other areas, and is contained in one particular area. For e.g., surgical procedures for Cancer are Mastectomy for Breast Cancer, Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer and likewise for other organs.
  • Radiation Therapy – This type of treatment is mostly used to treat localized Cancer (contained in one area). It destroys the Cancer cells so that don’t grow further.
    • Cytotron
    • Stereotactic Body Radiation Treatment (SBRT)
    • Robotic Radiosurgery
  • Chemotherapy – It is a treatment procedure where strong drugs are given either orally or through injections. Chemotherapy can treat Cancers that have spread throughout the body because they travel through the bloodstream.
  • Targeted therapy – It’s sometimes used alone, but most often other cancer treatments are used with targeted therapy. Targeted drugs zero in and target some of the changes that make cancer cells different and grow abnormally.
  • Immunotherapy – It is a treatment that uses certain parts of a person’s immune system to fight diseases such as cancer.
  • Advances in Hormonal Therapy
    • Hormonal therapy with tamoxifen and Aromatase Inhibitors (Letrozole, Anastrozole)
  • Advances in the treatment of specific cancers
    • Brain and other Central Nervous System cancer
    • Prostate Cancer

Other advanced procedures and techniques include are Stem Cell Transplant, Hyperthermia, Photodynamic Therapy, Blood Transfusion and Donation and Lasers. In fact, India is now home to a team of top Oncologists, top Cancer Surgery hospitals coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure with latest equipment like CyberKnife and genomic based tests for Cancer prevention and diagnostics and much more, attracting medical tourism to India from Malawi

Why Should Malawian Nationals Choose India Cancer Surgery Services?

With the progressing years, India is continually getting better and proving her prowess in the healthcare sector. Today, there are not many nations that are parallel to India when it comes to providing affordable healthcare services, especially Cancer surgery and that too without any compromise in the quality offered. India Cancer Surgery Services understands the significance of these factors and has been at the forefront in catering to the Malawian medical tourists.

  • We are here to provide medical visa assistance to Malawians and also guide them so that they choose the best hospital and treatment option
  • We believe in maintaining the highest level of ethics and transparency
  • We offer special surgery cost benefits to Malawi patients; special packages for Liver Cancer surgery, Paediatric Cancer surgery, Prostate Cancer surgery
  • We take care of the medical needs and guarantee supreme and individualized care for Malawi patients.
  • We leave no unturned in looking after the Malawi patients from the moment of their visit till their complete recovery
  • We also offer top notch follow up services to look after our Malawian friends, even they are back in Malawi after their successful treatment in India.

You Do Not Have To Wait For Meeting Doctors. We Have Fast Track Services For Our Malawian Patients. 

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Best Medical Tourism in India for Rwanda Patients: Consult Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants


Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is the best medical tourism in India for Rwanda patients. Our group has established a strong bond with the best hospitals across different cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. The Indian hospitals are renowned for their consistency  and commitment to deliver the high-class medical care and services for the Rwandans.

Why should Rwandans get Medical Treatment in India?

Rwanda patients has overshot the capacity requiring the medical treatments. With poverty and the fast growing population being few of the major drawbacks of Rwanda, hence the patients are looking for affordable cost medical packages. Though cost is undeniably the key driver but availability of the latest medical technology, lower waiting periods, growing compliance on the international quality standards and the deftness of the surgeons are the other key components why Rwandans get their medical treatment in India.

Top Surgeries & Treatments we offer for Rwandans in India

The following are top surgeries and treatments offered for Rwandans in India via Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants:

  1. Spinal Fusion Surgery is performed to stop the motion at a painful vertebral segment that in turn reduces the pain generated from the joint.
  2. Gamma Knife Surgery is the most preferred treatment procedures for treating the tumors using radiations without damaging the surrounding healthy tissues. This is a minimally invasive and highly effective technique.
  3. Stem Cell Treatments involves an array of techniques intended to replace the cells which are damaged or destroyed by disease with healthy functioning ones.
  4. Disc Replacement Surgery is the innovative and modern treatment in which the disc is removed and the space is packed with bone graft.
  5. Liberation Treatment is modern method to treat the multiple sclerosis. Also known as ZAMBONI or CCSVI, this treatment is offered at the best hospitals in India with highly experienced doctors.

medical tourism for rwanda

Best Hospitals Network in India

The best hospitals network at Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants offer revolutionary diagnostic and therapeutic care in every specialization of surgery and medicine. They have world class infrastructure, state of the art equipment, latest technologies and the team of best surgeons to deliver excellent outcomes post surgery. Fortis Hospitals, Global Hospitals, Artemis Hospitals, etc. are few best hospitals in India having association with our group.

Top Surgeons Network in India

The top surgeons network in India are internationally trained, well experienced and informed of the cutting edge technology in the modern practices of medicine and surgery. They are dedicated and believes to provide the best services to the Rwanda patients. Our multidisciplinary group of medical professionals in India work together to develop the best possible treatment plan for each patient.

Why Choose Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India?

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India is a reputed medical tourism offering the best Indian hospitality services in association with the top hospitals and the best surgeons across the country. We are renowned for the best Indian hospitality services that include the following:

  • We provide fast and efficient services such as full patient support for Rwanda nationals with specialized and individualized care.
  • We offer cost effective and tailor made medical packages for Rwanda patients
  • Our panel of doctors clear all your doubts regarding the surgeries and treatments in India.
  • We also provide you with language assistance by arranging expert translators or interpreters as per requirements of Rwanda friends.
  • Arrange your visa process absolutely uncomplicated and hassle free for your medical trip to India from Rwanda.

Contact the best medical tourism in India, Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants at +91 9860755000 or

Affordable Packages of Obesity Surgery in India helping Obesity-struck Sudan Nationals to get rid of that Extra Fat

Obesity continues to affect the whole population as a leading cause of mortality, morbidity and disability. The high prevalence of Obesity has become very burdening not only for the overall healthcare sector but also for Obesity-struck people worldwide. Obesity is one of the most invasive diseases that are in urgent need of new medical planning and preventive means and along with obesity come life-threatening risks like:

  1. Cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke) — already the world’s number one cause of death
  2. Diabetes (type 2) — which has rapidly become a global epidemic
  3. Musculoskeletal disorders — especially osteoarthritis
  4. Some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)

For a number of patients, especially Sudanese patients, weight loss surgery or Obesity surgery or Bariatric surgery is the only supportive method.

Medical Assistance in India for Sudan Patients

Medical Assistance in India for Sudan Patients

Best Medical Assistance in India for Sudan Patients offered by Top Obesity Hospitals in India

Weight loss surgery or Bariatric surgery can help to eradicate Obesity along with the associated health hazards. With every passing year, Obesity Surgery in India is gaining momentum and achieving new levels of expertise. Best hospitals for Bariatric surgery in India offering budget surgery packages for Sudan citizen are Global Hospital Chennai, Bombay Hospital, Apollo Hospital Delhi, Fortis Hospital Mumbai, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Jaslok Hospital, Saifee Hospital Mumbai, Max Hospital, Asia Columbia Bangalore. Further, India has some of the best Obesity surgeons, who are the most experienced and meticulous. Owing to such advances, medical tourism to India from Sudan has seen a steady rise.

Types of Obesity Surgery performed in India are:

  1. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding: This procedure uses a Gastric Band creating an hourglass structure to the stomach. Almost 39 percent of excess weight may be reduced within 18 months after the surgery.
  2. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: This is a very safe procedure wherein 80 percent of the stomach is stapled and removed. This results in weight loss due to loss of appetite and the inability to consume larger quantities of food. The body uses the required energy from its own fat storage helps in weight loss.
  3. The Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass: This procedure involves creating a small 15 to 20 cc pouch at the top of the stomach. The small bowel is divided, the bilio-pancreatic limb is attached again to the small bowel and the other end is the joined to the pouch, creating the Roux limb. The small pouch discharges the food slowly, causing a sensation of fullness with very little food intake.
  4. Bilio-pancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch: It is a procedure with two components. First, a smaller, tubular stomach pouch is formed by removing a portion of the stomach. Next, a large portion of the small intestine is bypassed.

Reasonably priced Packages of Obesity Surgery in India attracting several Sudan Patients

Obesity is not just about excess weight. It brings along other health conditions that gradually develop in a person’s body, ultimately leading towards a life-threatening condition. But the best hospitals for Bariatric surgery in India ensure that the Sudan patients can get the best packages of Obesity surgery in India, as compared to the costs in many leading countries. Further, India is fully-equipped with the latest technology and caters to such medical tourists with individualized care.

Why should Sudan patients opt for India Cosmetic & Obesity Surgery Services?

With India emerging as a hotspot for medical tourism, today, there are very few nations at par with India when it comes to providing low price Bariatric surgery and that too without compromising the quality of services offered. India Cosmetic & Obesity Surgery Services has been at the forefront in catering to the Sudan nationals by providing them full-fledged support and medical assistance in India for Sudan patients in this sphere, which has given a huge boost to health tourism to India from Sudan.

  1. We guide the Sudan patients about the treatment options available at the best hospitals for Bariatric surgery in India and the best packages of Obesity surgery in India
  2. We also guide about the budget surgery packages for Sudan citizens and assure them the Obesity treatments/surgeries at the best possible prices
  3. We take care of their medical needs and ensure that the treatments are customized as per the requirements of the Sudan patients
  4. We believe in maintaining the highest level of ethics and transparency
  5. Our staff is there to help the Sudan Nationals with medical visa assistance to India from Sudan
  6. We leave no unturned in looking after the Sudan nationals from the moment of their visit till they recover completely
  7. We also look after the Sudan patients even when they are back in their country, through our follow up services

To know more about our services, 
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Why to Choose Dr. Rupin Shah for Best Urology Surgery in India?


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Dr. Rupin Shah, Lilavati Hospital is one of the best urology surgeons in India. After completion of MS in General Surgery and M.Ch. in Urology from Bombay University, he has dedicated himself to andrology- a super-specialty dealing with male infertility and impotence. He is the first urologist in India to have training in Andrological microsurgery at Belgium in 1986.

A leading expert in the area of microsurgery for treating men with Azoospermia and microsurgical vasectomy reversal, he has conducted numerous training workshops in India and abroad demonstrating the microsurgical treatment for male infertility. His area of interest also include treating the organic erectile dysfunction, a field in which he has made numerous contributions. Dr. Rupin Shah has also developed India’s first penile prosthesis that is now most commonly used penile implant in India.

He has presented and published numerous papers and review articles. At the 6th World Meeting of Impotence held at Singapore in the year 1994, Dr. Rupin Shah was awarded the President’s Video Prize for developing a new technique of microsurgical penile revascularization. He was on the Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Urology and is a super-specialty consultant in Andrology to several organizations. He has also co-edited two books and contributed chapters to several others.

Special Interests

The best urology surgeons in India, Dr. Rupin Shah, Lilavati Hospital has special interests in the following:

  • Microsurgical vasectomy reversal
  • Testicular sperm retrieval
  • Microsurgical vaso-epididymal anstomosis for obstructive Azoospermia
  • Penile prosthesis implantation
  • Microsurgical varicocelectomy
  • Correction of penile curvature and peyronies disease

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Why Patients from Sudan and Tanzania Choose Dr. Rupin Shah for Best Urology Surgery in India?

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The problems of receiving adequate healthcare are high in Sudan due to lack of trained staffs and proper medical facilities. Healthcare system in Tanzania faced the major challenges such as high population growth, dependency on sourcing the medical equipments from outside the country. All these reasons force the patients from Sudan and Tanzania to choose Dr. Rupin Shah for best urology surgery in India. He is considered as a pioneer in the male infertility and the erectile dysfunction management in India. Further, he has trained over 1,000 doctors through workshops conducted over 20 years.

Dr. Rupin Shah has to his credit the career awards including Dr. B C Roy National Award for Development of Andrology in India from Urology Society of India in the year 2008, Dr. R Sitharaman Memorial Award and the President’s Gold Medal in recognition of special contribution to the field of Urology in India in the year 2007.

Indian Medguru Consultants focuses to tailor the medical treatment packages as per the needs of our patients from Sudan and Tanzania. We ensure to provide high-quality and affordable services and care from the best urology surgery in Lilavati Hospital Mumbai.

Services Offered by Indian Medguru Consultants

  • Affordable and tailor made packages
  • Arranging your treatment at medical centers providing quality and personal treatment to the international patients
  • Arranging medical visa to India
  • Organizing flight and accommodation
  • Coordinating treatment and correspondence on your behalf
  • Scheduling appointment with Dr. Rupin Shah, Lilavati Hospital
  • Access to the state-of-the-art technologies and facilities
  • Arranging recuperation holidays
  • Avoid waiting times
  • Excellent quality of services and care

In his journey as an urologist, Dr. Rupin Shah has had many happy patients from Sudan and Tanzania. To book appointment with the best urology surgeons in India, call For Immediate Appointment- +91-9370586696 or send your Email For Fast Track Query Reply-