Get Efficient and Affordable Neurological Disease Treatment in India


The neurosurgery is an umbrella terminology, which deals with both brain and spine surgeries.  Thus it can be called as a medical specialty which is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of ailments affecting the nervous system like spinal, brain, spinal cord and extra cranial cerebrovascular system to name a few. Of late, this specialization of health care has witnessed a sea change in the recent past and similar is the case with Neurosurgery in India.


The Indian hospitals dealing with neurological disorders have latest equipment and highly skilled experienced neurosurgeons and health care experts who leave no stone unturned to render nothing but high quality neurosurgery in India. Interestingly, these health care services in India are carried out with much of the affordable cost, which are hard to find out any part of the world.  Thanks to the huge amount of investment taking place in this sector which has brought forth many big players that have entered to render huge amount of investment in this sector to embark with nothing but the best in the industry. This is the key reason why more and more global patients are attracted to neurosurgery in India.


Let’s dig in deep into this surgery and the reason why it is carried out in the following paragraphs:

Common Disorders Treated by Neurosurgeons

When it comes to neurosurgery in India, the doctor deals with a number of neurological diseases and disorders, some of these can be listed out as under:

Brain Tumors

brain-tumorsThe neurosurgery in India deals with malignant tumors of the brain, peripheral and spinal nerves. The benign tumors that can be treated with conditions like meningioma, epidermoid, hemangioblastoma, dermoid, colloid cyst,pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma, craniopharyngioma and subependymal giant cell astrocytoma.

Neurovascular Diseases

neurovascular-diseasesThe doctor helps in fixing Aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) along with a number of other neurovascular problems spinal cord and brain. The carotid endarterectomy helps in preventing the stroke, TIA and transient ischemic attack.

Pituitary Tumors

pituitary-tumorsThe Neuroendocrine Disorders can help in fixing a number of Pituitary and hypothalamic disorders like acromegaly, Cushing’s disease or syndrome, non functioning pituitary adenoma, thyrotroph adenomas, prolactinoma and chromophobe.

Cranial Base Diseases

cranial-base-diseasesThe lesions that are seen affecting the base of the skull – acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannoma) and several other tumors of the cranial nerves arising from the meninges, blood vessels, cranial nerves, pituitary gland or brain tissue. Extracranially – involving the paranasal sinuses,  nasopharynx, nasal cavity,parapharyngeal space, temporal bone, infratemporal fossa.

Spine and Peripheral Nerve Disorders

spine-and-peripheral-nerve-disordersThe neurosurgery in India deals with the neuro-surgical evaluation of back pain and neck along with nerve compression syndromes, peripheral nerve like the nerve compression including the carpal tunnel syndrome , herniated intervertebral discs, and spinal cord compression syndromes.

Pediatric & Developmental Disorders

pediatric-developmental-disordersThe doctors deal with brain and spinal tumors along with the surgery of developmental anomalies like the tethered spinal cord, spinal bifida, myelomeningocele, syringomyelia, hydrocephalus, lipoma, craniosynostosis, dermal sinus, aqueductal stenosis, encephalocele, myeloschisis and so on.

Besides, in neurosurgery in India, the doctors deal with neurogenetic diseases, the trigeminal neuralgia or hemifacial spasm ailments, functional neurologic ailments, trauma emergency, intensive care and general neurosurgery.

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The Advantages of Spinal Fusion Surgery India


The back pain problems have been the menace for people of different age groups. This could be for many reasons, which include injuries, improper posture while working for long hours, and other similar conditions. However, there are many non surgical options available for treating back pain and in case if these do not work, the surgical options like the spinal fusion becomes the last resort for fixing the ailment. One of the common procedures to fix the back pain in different age groups includes the spinal fusion. However, in order to get the quick and effective outcome, it is important to choose the best surgeon in the town. Let’s delve the topic as under:

What is Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Spinal fusion surgery is a common back surgery procedure wherein 2/3 vertebrae are fused (joined) together simply to avoid any individual movement that occurs over the operated vertebral levels. Spinal fusion, also called spondylodesis or spondylosyndesis, is a orthopedic surgical technique used to join two or more vertebrae. The very idea of this surgery is to connect permanently these vertebrae mutually. The surgeon are often used in promote the healing process after the spinal fusion. This surgical procedure is simply used primarily just to reduce the pain, which is caused to due to abnormal kind of motion of the vertebrae by simply immobilizing vertebrae on their own.

The Types of Spinal Fusion Surgery

The procedure of Spinal Fusion Surgery has different types, which are as under:

  • Anterior Inter-body Fusion Procedure: The surgeon removes the intervertebral disc along with the vertebrae, which are fused with vertical of traverse incision at the lower abdomen. In this surgery,
    most of the symptomatic intervertebral discs are removed and then are replaced with bones. These are then obtained at the pelvis via skin incision. This surgery is among the common ones in spinal fusion surgery.
  • Postero-lateral Fusion Procedure: In this procedure the surgeon makes an incision over the middle of the back and adjacent vertebrae, which are joined together with the help of screws and rods but it comes without any disc interference. You may encounter a bit of discomfort after the surgery, however, the result comes quicker in the form of no pain at the back.
  • Combined Anterior & Posterior Fusion Procedure: It is a blend of both the above two procedures, which is basically nothing more than carrying out both the surgical options simultaneously, or with the anaesthesia. The process has its own benefits, which comes in the form of achieving a fusion and of reducing the real source of the symptoms, which finally gets improved.

Advantages of Spinal Fusion Surgery

Know About Spinal Fusion

Generally the Spinal Fusion surgery is known to reduce the pain and other known symptoms of back issue. The fusion option is better because it gives 100 percent relief from the back pain and other symptoms once for all, which means, you do not need any other treatment for the same. The other benefit comes in the way of reducing the post decompressive deformity. Some of the patients are seen developing the post Laminectomy kyphosis, which is a known abnormal alignment found in the spine. This can bring in additional surgery, while the fusion can help in correcting any deformity. This can alleviate the wear and tear over the neighbouring levels.

Advantages of Spinal Fusion Surgery in India

There are many advantages of spinal fusion surgery in India, which attract the medical tourists of different nations. India is known to have one of the best hospitals and medical infrastructure along with the presence of highly competitive surgeons and spine experts, which together help in reducing the back pain and other symptoms with compassion and professionalism. One of the biggest advantages of spinal fusion surgery in India is the low cost, which is not seen in developed nations. This means you get high quality medical services at low cost.