Success Rate of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery with Best Bariatric Surgeons in India

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery and its Benefits

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery and its Benefits

Gastrectomy is suggested to highly obese people because it is not easy for them to lose weight with the help of exercise and gym. Sleeve gastrectomy help to lose weight with the help of a surgery, where the surgeon removes the large portion of the stomach. The stomach reduces to the size of a banana this procedure limits the amount of food you eat. It takes 3-6 months to reduce after the surgery. Sleeve gastrectomy success rate in India is very high because of its best service at affordable cost.

Success Rate of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Success Rate of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

We know well that every surgery has its own merits and demerits; the same is with sleeve gastrectomy surgery. But, because of our best cosmetic and obesity surgeons we prove the best success rate round the globe of 88% to 93%.

Our Key Surgeon : Dr Lakdawala

Dr. Muffazal LakdawalaIndia is blessed with the famous surgeons; Dr. Lakdawala who currently heads the department of Bariatric surgery and is a well trained professional from India and abroad. Sleeve gastrectomy success rate in India is high because, top surgeons assist your surgery.

Actual Patient Story : Eman Ahmed, Alexandria

Eman Ahmed, AlexandriaEman Ahmed : Hello! My name is Eman Ahmed, when i was brought to India i was weighing around 500kgs. It was a big question for my family; how to get me to India? I never moved out of my room from 25 years and was dependent on my mother and sister for daily activities. With the help of best surgeons at Saifee Hospital Mumbai I have loose 120 kgs in less than a month. Sleeve gastrectomy is the best option to reduce weight. I thank all the medical staff and surgeons for all their assistance.

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Unique Packages for Abroad patients

Unique Packages for Abroad patients
One can get attractive packages for sleeve gastrectomy with cosmetic and obesity surgery hospital India.

Full Medical Assistance

Full Medical Assistance

We help you to get appointment with the top bariatric surgeons in India. We also help you to get medical visa, local travel, meals, accommodation etc.
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Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery : Obese Patients

Obesity Overview


Today, obesity ranks as a significant health challenge and as per many studies it is the major cause of preventable mortality. Researchers have highlighted the importance of sleeve gastrectomy surgery as a procedure with low complications and risks. Also called as a gastric sleeve surgery, it is performed on extremely obese patients with a BMI of 40 or more and the risk of performing other weight loss surgeries such as a duodenal switch procedure or a gastric bypass is too large.

A sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a suitable operation with minimum risks and some surgeons prefer it over the gastric banding operation since it eliminates the need to insert a foreign body.

Worldwide Statistics of Obesity

In the year 2014, over 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight. Of these more than 600 million adults were obese. About 39 percent of adults were aged 18 years among them more than 38 percent men and 40 percent women were overweight. The worldwide statistics of obesity were double between the year 1980 and 204.

How Effective Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss?

Sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss is called as a restrictive procedure as it will restrict the amount of food which can be hold by the stomach. During the sleeve gastrectomy, the surgeon will remove the left side of the stomach and leave a tube or a sleeve which is shaped sort of like a banana in its place. Since this surgery is performed by the surgeon using the laparoscope, therefore it is considered as a minimally invasive procedure.

Patients with higher BMIs over 55 have a higher risk of complications for the bariatric surgery therefore your surgeon will initially recommend performing a sleeve gastrectomy since it is very effective for weight loss. Later, the surgeon may perform a bypass surgery to assist you with losing the remaining weight. Since you will lose weight with sleeve gastrectomy, there will be less risk for you in respect to the bypass surgery. If you are highly motivated patient then you can achieve the adequate weight loss with the sleeve gastrectomy and need not require to undergo the bypass surgery.


Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy

  1. Health Conditions ResolvedA hormone called as a Ghrelin will stimulate the feeling of hungry since it will be removed during the sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This will reduce the volume of the stomach therefore make you feel full faster. It will also help  to reduce the risk to develop co-morbidity such as liver disease, heart disease, stroke or one or more of the obesity related conditions which will improve dramatically or disappear altogether. This is particularly in case of the type 2 diabetes.
  2. Shorter Hospital Stay and Faster Recovery : With sleeve gastrectomy, patient will spend less operative as well as post-operative time in the hospital, therefore the hospital stay will be shorter. Also since the sleeve gastrectomy surgery do not implant any foreign bodies such as in band surgeries, therefor the recovery will be faster. Your doctor will prescribe some changes in the diet, vitamin supplements and medications post procedure.
  3. Shorter Hospital Stay and Faster Recovery : With sleeve gastrectomy, patient will spend less operative as well as post-operative time in the hospital, therefore the hospital stay will be shorter. Also since the sleeve gastrectomy surgery do not implant any foreign bodies such as in band surgeries, therefor the recovery will be faster. Your doctor will prescribe some changes in the diet, vitamin supplements and medications post procedure.
  4. Better and Quality of LifeThe sleeve gastrectomy surgery will provide other benefits such as a greater sense of self-worth, more positive outlook on life in general, improved confidence levels, better and quality of life. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression then it will improve the overall sense of well being.


Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India

The cost sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India is within the budget of people from all strata of the society. Many global patients seek their sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India, since the cost is less when compared to that offered in the most developed countries such as the UK, US, etc. In India, we have world class hospitals and the best obesity surgeons who have been trained and have experience from the best medical schools from across the globe to offer the highest quality sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India at low cost. The cost of sleeve gastrectomy in the USA is #23,000 while it is only $6,580 in India. Send in your inquiry to Forerunners Healthcare Consultants to book an appointment for sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India.

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Battle Against Obesity : Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

Over-weight or obesity is the leading cause of the some of the most severe and chronic disorder which includes type 2 diabetes, insulin resistant, mellitus and some heart related disorder also. The patients which have the problem like type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and heart related problems is related to over-weight and up to 80% of the patients who are having these disorder are obese. It is very well documented that the obesity and chronic issues are directly related to each other. Along with this, it is also shown that the obesity patient and very low life-expectancy. TO understand it more clearly here is an example; consider the 30 year man with morbid obesity problem has 15 year decrease in life expectancy than an individual with healthy weight.

obesity B1

Target Strategies and Other Related Problems : 

There are many target strategies which help in preventing obesity problem in the early stages is among the top and best public health approaches to deal with the obesity epidemic problem. In spite of all these things, there is need of increased surgical and medical interventions to treat and prevent other health issues like type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and heart diseases. It is not reported but a huge increase in advanced treatment options for issues related to obesity, especially in the young individuals, and the number of obesity surgery procedures performed in the western countries has increased 5 times in the last decade. As per the ASBS (American Society for Bariatric Surgery) exercise, diet, drug interventions and behavior modifications is not proved effective in treating morbid obesity issue in adult, without any symptoms that these are more effective when it comes to perform in young adolescents.

Primary Prevention in Battle against Obesity : 


At a high population level the primary prevention of the over-weight or obesity issue is a very daunting challenge, especially in the scenario of the modern society that is now become the part of the society with a life-style which majorly is physically inactive with an abundance of the food supply. The role of nutritional factor and diet as the major reason behind the obesity and excess weight gain is never been outside the scope and has discussed. However, there is never been a chance of missing the nutritional factors such as change in composition of food and enhanced frequency of consuming processed food which is made outside the home, have contributing in obesity factors.

Behavioral factors are clearly mentioned and demonstrated under a study which shows that over-weight and obese children are highly sensitive to television food advertising and that such ads generate the urge in children for intake of energy-dense snacks. The interplay between behavioral, environmental and social influences is so complex.

obesity chart

To start battle with the growing health issues of over-weight and obesity is to invest in various strategies that specifically target in secondary and advanced treatment for all the health issues related to obesity like type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance problem and heart related problems.

The Final Strike In Battle Against Obesity :

In the end, it is important to mention that weight-loss surgery done over the small number of individuals with the problem of obesity will without any doubt saves the capital of national health-care system in very short period of time. In addition to this the basic goals of the suggested legislative and medical bodies promoting a long-term and support of supervised diet and exercise programs.

The outcome of many reports have shown that any single treatment approach to treat the problem of overweight and obesity is not able to stay effective for a long period of time. And further tests in this field shows that there is an urgent requirement to find out the efficient and combination therapies for obesity on social, clinical and economic outcomes

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Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery: Obese Patient!

Overview :


Although, it can be called as a normal to be nervous when it come to weight loss surgery but the fact is it is very much exciting day due to the fact that it is one of the vital milestones in life that would make one’s life very much happier and healthier. In other words, you need to prepare for the weight loss surgery. The following are some of the tips of preparing for weight loss surgery, let’s check them out:

Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery :

Preparing for the weight loss surgery can start before you actually start the actual procedure. You will get a session pertaining to a new start info that can offer you a complete overview of this procedure and info regarding the chosen surgical procedure. Before the weight loss surgery, you are supposed to go for certain pre-admissions tests, which include the psychological evaluations, medical diagnostic tests and nutritional evaluations. After these tests, you then meet your surgeon in order to talk about the outcome of these tests and evaluations. This process can help in finding out whether the weight loss surgery is the right choice for you, find out potential health issues and the complication reduction.

Preventive Measurements that Helps in Making Weight Loss surgery Safe and Secured :


Apart from going through a number of pre-admission testing, there are a number of things that you need to do as preventive measurements to make the surgery effective and safe. These include the following things:

  • Stop Smoking Before Surgery: Smoking boost up the problems in the lungs after the surgery, which further delays the healing process, reduces the oxygen consumption, promotes infection, interferes with blood flow to tissues, which are healing and thus boosts up the risk of having ulcers.
  • Consider Exercise: Carrying out exercises like walking daily for an half an hour on a daily basis can help your body to remain in shape.
  • Follow the Doctor’s instruction: Your surgeon will share a number of info about preparing for the surgery along with discussing with the post operative routine and the diet plan. Your doctor would help you to maintain your mental, surgical and physical interest the best.

What to bring on The day of Surgery :

There are number of personal items that you are supposed to bring on the day surgery, which will help you to remain comfortable:

  • Brush and comb
  • Bathrobe, soap, shampoo and slippers
  • Body lotion/hand cream
  • Loose fitting dresses
  • Books & magazines
  • Lip balm, deodorant and hair dryer

Avoid bringing the valuable stuff like cash, jewellery and a number of other personal items.

The Day of Weight Loss Surgery :

Weight loss

Generally, you would reach at the hospital two hours before the weight loss surgery. At that time, you would change and get into the hospital gown and the IV would be started. You would receive the mediations, which could be needed before the surgery. Also, you would need to consult with the anesthesiologists along with your surgeon. After the surgery, you would be taken inside the operation theatre for the surgery and depending upon the kind of procedure, the surgery can be carried out for not less than half an hour and two hours. When you complete the surgery, you are then moved to the recovery room till you are seen getting from the sleep. From there you would be sent out to the private room till you get up from your sleep. Depending upon the kind of weight loss procedure adopted, the patient is kept inside the hospital for the maximum number of days of three.

Conclusion :

The result of any weight loss surgery would also depend upon the preparation you make as given by your doctor. If you are really keen to get the best leverage from the same, you would never mind preparing for the surgery.

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Know the advantages of weight loss surgery in Goa India – Consult Forerunners Healthcare Consultants

weight loss surgery in Goa

Obesity gives a number of problems, which include both the mental and physical discomfort, which is often alarming for people facing it. Also, there are a number of health risks that are related to obesity, which include high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, heart issues, sleep apnea, acid reflux and other ailments to name a few. These conditions can only reduce the life span of a person along with hampering the quality of life. Though there are several non surgical options to get rid of the obesity problem, however, when nothing works, you can choose for the weight loss surgery in Goa, which can make a huge difference. Let’s dig in deep to get the crux of this solution, which comes in the form of weight loss surgery as under:

Do you need a weight loss surgery?

Do you need a weight loss surgery

Get more information about : Obesity Surgery in India

If you are obese and weigh more than 100 pounds, you certainly need the surgery. In terms of BMI if you have the body mass index to be 40 and above, you become the candidate for this surgery. Once you try all the non surgical options and do not get any result then the very next step you have is the weight loss surgery. This procedure is not intended to be employed as the kind of cosmetic surgery as it can somehow make you feel that ways. However, it is among the major surgical procedures, which come along with numerous complications as well, hence you are supposed to decide after checking its pros and cons of the procedure chosen.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are different kinds of weight loss surgery; however, these fall into the following three important categories.

  • Restrictive: This procedure helps in reducing the stomach volume of the obese person. Presently, you can find the three procedures, vertical banded gastroplasty, gastric band and sleeve Gastrectomy with single technique. All these procedures work on a single agenda of restricting the food intake to the least by creating smaller stomach capacity. The less food simply means reduced amount of calories intake, which helps in bringing the weight loss.
  • Malabsorptive: This procedure helps in affecting the absorption of food. As we know how food enters our stomach leaving the small intestine with digestive juices absorbing the minerals and vitamins and flushing out the waste from the body. With the help of malabsorptive procedure, this process of digestion and absorption is influenced. Improper absorption of food simply means that you lose the nutrients resulting in the process of weight loss. This surgery procedure helps in hampering the absorption of all the nutrients which adds weight to your body.
  • Combination Procedures (Restrictive/malabsorptive): This procedure is a blend of both the procedures, which means it uses the above two to give the weight loss result to any obese person opting for the same. The restrictive element in this procedure helps in reducing the stomach, which allows only small amount of food entering body, while the malabsorptive element simply refers to the rerouting of small intestine, which hampers the food absorption. Together the two elements make all the difference.

Why weight loss surgery in Goa?

weight loss at goa

Weight loss surgery in Goa is among the preferred option for the global patients coming to India for the same. Goa has become popular for encompassing Mother Nature in it, which builds up a good and serene atmosphere around to get the best of the weight loss surgery results. The hospitals in Goa are highly competitive in terms of state of art facilities and amenities apart from having highly skilled doctors and surgeons who together make all the difference in saying good bye to your obesity. One of the vital reasons to choose weight loss surgery in Goa is the low cost, which is not seen in the developed nations.

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