Cancer Treatment with Dr. Harit Chaturvedi Best Surgical Oncologist in Delhi

Overview :

Cancer surgery removes the tumor and nearby tissue during an operation. A doctor who treats cancer with surgery is called a surgical oncologist. Surgery is the oldest type of cancer treatment. And it is still an effective treatment for many types of cancer today. Surgical treatment has been used to treat most cancers for many, many years. Surgical operation additionally plays a key function in diagnosing cancer and locating out how far it is able to have spread.

With Dr. Harit Chaturvedi Trust his Experience, Capability, and Commitment to Excellence in Cancer Care 

He strives to improve the prevention and treatment of cancers as well as the management of long-term complications of therapy through clinical and laboratory research. His mission is to deal with and treatment cancer by understanding their unique needs and providing them with complete, compassionate care from diagnosis thru recuperation. Environment is designed to provide these services with maximum convenience.  As a patient of Dr. Harit Chaturvedi best surgical oncologist in Delhi , his patient receives high-quality care and treatment in an environment designed specifically for younger age groups.  He believes in the philosophy of family-centered care. He work closely with families to develop individualized and customized treatment plans for their patients and is always available to answer any questions his patient and other family members may have.

Cancer Treatment with Dr. Harit Chaturvedi Best Surgical Oncologist in Delhi

If You Have Problem Related To head and Neck,breast,Thyroid, GI, Abdominal And urological Then Dr. Harit Chaturvedi is the Best Surgical Oncologist In Delhi . Then Dr. Harit Chaturvedi Is The Specialist Of This Cancer You Can Consult at +91 –9371770341.

Quality Cancer Care Services by Dr .Harit Chaturvedi Best Cancer Surgeon In India

He is passionate in providing quality care to patients with various needs in cancer care. He is a strong believer that prevention is the key element in fighting diseases and cancer. Dr. Harit Chaturvedi Best Cancer Surgeon In India provides patient care ranging from disease and cancer prevention, and cancer surgery. He also treats patients with cancer diagnosis. He helps patients from around the world understand his options and treatment plans in their own language. Family members and caregivers are included in care and compassion. He respects and answers their questions and concerns.

Dr. Harit Chaturvedi Surgical Oncologist Max Healthcare Delhi Consistently Recognized For Exceptional Cancer Care in India

Dr. Harit Chaturvedi senior cancer surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi is a famed onco-surgeon in India. With an experience of over 25+ years, he has worked with some of the finest hospitals in India. He is widely appreciated for his clinical and surgical skills in oncology. He focuses on providing cancer care which he does through initiatives like the virtual tumor boards and workshops set up in all the Max Healthcare, Delhi, India. Known for his surgical skills, He is closely associated with the improvement of cancer procedures in India to make it affordable for everyone. His special interests lie in the surgical removal of cancer in the head and neck, breast, thyroid, GI, abdominal and urological regions. He is an expert in using radiofrequency ablation and robotic procedures during surgery. He has performed live surgeries in surgical workshops as well. He has a large hand in making the department of oncology at Max Healthcare a well-known name all over the world.

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Dr. Vikas Dua Offers Excellent Diagnosis and Affordable Cost of Bone Marrow Transplant in India


A bone marrow transplant is a treatment that replaces unhealthy marrow with a healthy one. It’s also called a blood or marrow transplant (BMT). Before transplant, you get chemotherapy (chemo) with or without radiation to destroy the diseased blood-forming cells and marrow. Then, healthy cells are given to you. The new cells go into your bloodstream through an intravenous line, or tube. It’s just like getting blood or medicine through an IV. The cells find their way into your marrow, where they grow and start to make healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Dr. Vikas Dua World-Class Bone Marrow Transplantation Surgeon in India

bone marrow specialist dr. vikas dua

Dr. Vikas Dua is one of the best bone marrow transplant specialists of this generation. Dr. Vikas Dua’s results in the field of adult bone marrow transplant and hematology have been some of the best. Till date, Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India has done close to 100 adult bone marrow transplants which is record-breaking in whole of India. He has done some of the very rare transplants which nobody else has done in India. With over 21 years of experience, his specialty interests include the matched sibling and unrelated and paediatric haploidentical transplants and benign paediatric haematology, hemato-oncology. The bone marrow transplantation service by Dr. Vikas Dua famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi is dedicated in providing exceptional patient care and novel treatment options for patients with malignant and benign diseases of the blood-building system that require an autologous or allogeneic transplant.

Dr. Vikas Dua Famous Pediatric Hemato Oncologist in Delhi Treats Patient With Utmost Care

Dr. Vikas Dua chief pediatric oncologist in fortis Delhi is a ray of hope to retrieve life of patients. He is a dedicated stem cell transplantation surgeon in Delhi. He deals with blood cancers and other blood related diseases. He also caters to stem cell transplantation for non malignant conditions. He has given hope to many cancer patients from India and around the world as he is one among very few surgeons in India to provide both autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Dr. Vikas Dua bone marrow specialist in Delhi India caters to the specialised hematological needs in all specialties all under one roof. Dr. Vikas Dua an expert team of highly qualified specialists who have worked in some of the best medical centers across the world.

Dr. Vikas Dua Offers Bone Marrow Transplant in India Transforming Lives at Fortis Hospital, Delhi

Dr. Vikas Dua infusing a fresh lifeline to rejuvenate the hope for a healthier tomorrow for his patients Dr. Vikas Dua is a surgeon of excellence that has created a record of successful treatment with superior care in India. He aims at making a difference in your life by providing you with the best treatment to help you lead a healthy life. Dr. Vikas Dua famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi offers the most competitive cost of bone marrow surgery in India; he has successfully executed bone marrow treatment in India. Dr. Vikas Dua  the top bone marrow transplant surgeons in India, brings a wealth of experience and wide ranging expertise that has helped him growing into the top bone marrow transplant surgeon in India.

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Colon Cancers Treatment By Dr Vedant Kabra Offers Advanced, End-to-End Care For All Types of Cancer in Gurgaon


A Colon cancer occurs while tumorous growths expand in the large intestine. Colon cancers and rectal cancers can also arise collectively. This is called colorectal cancer. Rectal cancer originates in the rectum, which is the last several inches of the large intestine, closest to the anus.

Treatment for Colon Cancer in India

Treatment for colon cancer in India

Treatment depends on many things, including the stage of the cancer. Treatments may include:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor
  • Chemotherapy to kill cancer cells
  • Radiation therapy to destroy cancerous tissue
  • Targeted therapy to keep cancer from growing and spreading


Stage 0 colon cancer may be treated by removing the tumor. This is often done using colonoscopy. For stages I, II, and III cancer, extra large surgical procedure is wanted to dispose of the part of the colon this is cancerous. This surgery is called colon resection


Almost all people with stage III colon cancer receive chemotherapy after surgery for 6 to 8 months. This is called adjuvant chemotherapy. Even though the tumor was removed, chemotherapy is given to treat any cancer cells that may be left. Chemotherapy is also used to improve symptoms and prolong survival in people with stage IV colon cancer.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is sometimes used for colon cancer.For people with stage IV disease that has spread to the liver, treatment directed at the liver can be used.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted treatment zeroes in on specific targets in cancer cells. These targets play a role in how cancer cells grow and survive. Using these targets, the drug disables the cancer cells so they cannot spread.

Connect with Dr Vedant Kabra Recognised as Top & Leading Cancer Surgeon Expert in India

Colon Cancers Treatment by Dr Vedant Kabra

Dr Vedant Kabra is a well known and recognized onco surgeon of India. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and surgical expertise which he has accumulated in a career spanning of more than 12 years. Dr Vedant Kabra the top surgical oncologist in Delhi NCR has developed various clinical & surgical techniques and protocol for management of complex cancers. He frequently conducts hands-on programs and delivers lectures globally on cancer management. He actively participates in media debates and discusses the upcoming issues related to cancer. Not only this, he has presented multiple papers and attended various national and international conferences, to his credit. Top oncologist Dr Vedant Kabra is an extensively trained cancer surgeon in Gurgaon, India with exceptional skills.

Integrated Cancer Care by Dr Vedant Kabra Best Surgical Oncologist in Gurgaon

Each year thousands of patients who have any of more than 200 kinds of cancer seek treatment through Dr Vedant Kabra top cancer surgeon in India. He is dedicated to developing multidisciplinary and lifesaving treatments for people across India who is affected by cancer. His cancer care services reflect a high quality of expertise. Dr Vedant Kabra is one of the leading cancer surgeons in India, with many national accolades to its credit.  Dr. Vedant Kabra Surgical oncologist Fortis Gurgaon remains one of the leading cancer surgical care provider in India now for more than a decade. Modernization and up gradation of the surgical skills also reflect in yearly organized national and international conferences in India. Dr Vedant Kabra aims to provide holistic, all round surgical care for cancer. His aim is to provide comprehensive surgical treatment, along with preservation of form and function as far as can be safely done.

Why India Cancer Surgery Services

India cancer surgery service has attained tremendous growth & popularity for itself across the world with support of its remarkable medical services. A large number of patients from diverse nooks and corners of the sector such as United States, Europe, center East, Latin America, UK, Africa, SAARC Countries, etc. prefer and extensively recommend us as a health service provider due to our highly professional working approaches. India cancer surgery service is working with the mission to become a one-stop destination, where patients, hospitals, clinics, employers, insurance companies, information and medical providers come together.  The key to success is the patient and clinical coordination and India cancer surgery service ensures this right at the onset. The reasonable and affordable packages are not the only reasons why international patients are being routed through India cancer surgery service. With an enhanced self confidence, most people leave the clinics with renewed esteem and compliments.

We can help you find high-quality and affordable treatment pacakage at the best hospitals around the world.Send your detailed medical history and medical reports as email attachment to Email: – Call: +91-9371770341


Dr Rahul Bhargava Oncologist in India- Commonly Preferred For Major Osteo Related Issues

Overview :

Dr Rahul bhagrava is and leading eminent and a young person in artemis hospital hemato-oncologist practicing in artemisdue to an experienced cancer specialist; he has totally and whole heartedly dedicated his life for his career and patients.

His journey begins with MD in 2004 as followed by DM for the most prestigious institutes of the country AIIMS in the year 2009 .

However this love for his career lead him to his post DM and fellowship in leukemia and BMT in the year 2010 where he was specially trained and prepared in voluntary stream cell and transplant and unbilical  cord transplant.

Now he is a chairmen and director of hemato-oncology and stem cell transplant unit at AIIMS hospital in Gurgaon Dr. Bhargava has successfully performed transplantation more than 100 patients.

Dr Rahul Bhargava Oncologist in India; commonly preferred for major osteo related issues

Types Of Bone Marrow 

Bone marrow is the tissues comprising the center of the large bones. It is the place where new blood cells are generated it has two types of stem cells hemopoietic and stromal and bone marrow has two types red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow. Most red blood cells arrives in red bone marrow and white blood cells are developed in yellow bone marrow the yellow colour of yellow bone marrow is due to higher number of fat cells in it both contains numerous amount of vessels and capillaries if we all know that at birth all bone marrow colour is red adults have only an average of 2.6kgs of bone marrow in there body.

Red bone marrow is mainly found in flat bones like hip bone,brest bones,skull, ribs, vertebrae etc. Pink marrow is found in the hallow interior of the long bones at the middle part some time in case of blood loss the body can convert the yellow blood marrow in to red marrow to increase the red cell production and decrease the blood loss.

There are two types of marrow red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow both are different but are highly vascular with numerous blood cells.

Steam cell uses bone marrow to treat cancer related diseases such as leukemia, multiple myeloma and lymphoma in other cases of diseases of bone marrow due to the infected bone maroow cell it is first killed by a type of drug or irridation and then new bone marrow id transplant so than the body can get the new cell to heal and regenerated new blood cells.

Procedure Of Bone Marrow Transplantation

This procedure of stem cell transplant is generally done after the chemotherapy or the radiation therapy is completely performed. In this procedure stem cells are delivered into the bloodstream with the use of a tube named central venous catheter. To perform this procedure a donor cell is needed which can be collected in 2 ways. This surgery is considered as a minor surgery and it is done under general anesthesia.

Dr. Rahul Bhargava Best Haemato Oncologist For Bone Marrow Transplantaion

Dr. Rahul Bhargava Best Hemato Oncologist in India is the best medical practitioner who has worked miracle by treating many cancer patients by stem cell therapy. Many international patients have experienced relief after the treatment involving stem cell therapy. There are patients who proactively prefer Dr. Rahul Bhargava to take care of their major disease.

Dr Rahul Bhargava Best Hematologist Fortis Gurgaon

Fortis hospital is one of the leading hospitals in India and Oncologist like Dr. Rahul Bhargava with Fortis hospitals is like the icing on the cake. This best oncologist has worked many wonders in treating cancer patient and has given them diseased free life. Fortis hospital is a well-known medical service provider that is updated with all the latest technique and equipment. It has a very strong medical team and all that is used for a proper treatment. It is easy to reach this best hospital and surgeon with the help of India cancer surgery site. These consultants will help you to get medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc.

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