Minimally Invasive Knee Joint Replacement By Dr. Manoj Miglani A Giant Step Forward In Knee Replacement


Knee replacement is a typical orthopaedic procedure that is utilised to replace the damaged or worn surfaces of the knee. Replacing these surfaces with an implant or “prosthesis” will relieve pain and increase mobility, allowing you to return to your normal, everyday activities. The traditional approach to manage knee replacement uses a long vertical incision in the centre point of the knee to view and access the joint. Minimally invasive total knee replacement is a variation of this approach. 

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement in India

 Shorter hospital stay

 Quicker mobilization

 Accelerated recovery process

 Healthy tissues and muscles are preserved

 Reduced blood loss

 Less scar tissue

Today implants offer remarkable results, yet conventional surgical procedures require a long and included physical recovery. Surgeons understand that patients desire to heal quickly so they can return to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.

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Procedure of Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement in India

In minimally invasive knee replacement, the surgical strategy is similar, yet there is less cutting of the tissue incorporating the knee. The artificial implants used are the same as those used for traditional knee replacement. In any case, extraordinarily planned surgical instruments are utilised to set up the femur and tibia and to put the inserts appropriately. Minimally invasive knee replacement is performed through a shorter incision. A smaller incision allows for less tissue disturbance. In addition a shorter entry point, the procedure used to open the knee is less intrusive. In general, strategies utilised in minimally invasive knee replacement are “quadriceps sparing,” which means they avoid trauma to the quadriceps tendon and muscles in the front of the thigh. Since the strategies used to uncover the joint include fewer disturbances to the muscle, it might lead to less postoperative pain and reduced recovery time.

Dr. Manoj Miglani

Dr. Manoj Miglani Best Orthopaedic Surgeon Delhi

Dr. Manoj Miglani Head of Orthopaedic Surgery at Fortis Hospital Delhi

Dr. Manoj Miglani is a senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Fortis hospital (Vasant Kunj), New Delhi. He has a vast experience of operating on complex to simple joint replacements of all kinds. A renowned surgeon Dr. Manoj Miglani, who is soft to speak to, is well known among his patients for his skills and expertise in all orthopaedics related treatments and surgeries. He has been a successful Orthopaedist for the last 20 years. Dr. Manoj Miglani is on the best orthopaedic surgeon in Delhi.  

Dr Manoj Miglani  Committed Source To Management of Knee Pain in India
Dr. Manoj Miglani is an expert at adult and pediatric surgery and focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions resolving arthritis, sports injuries, trauma, bone tumors, hand injuries or defects and total joint replacement. Dr. Manoj Miglani is an active member of Delhi Orthopaedic Association, Delhi Spine Society, AO Spine Asia Pacific and Association of Spine Surgeons of India (ASSI). Dr. Manoj Miglani is a passionate patient advocate and believes that Indian patients with orthopaedics problem should receive care of international standards. There should be no compromises in their care. He is willing to do all he can for each of his patients in the interest of their long-term well being.

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Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India is the Best Orthopaedic Solution Provider

As a medical provider, we ensure that the patient has no problem in planning his trip to India for minimally invasive joint replacement treatment.  Below are the services we provide to the patient before he lands in India:

• Send patient’s clinical reports to different doctors

• Share the same information with the patient and help him decide the best doctor and hospital for a specific treatment based on the budget

• Enable the patient to arrange Medical Visa

• Discuss with the patient any possibility of touring some exotic tourist destinations in India and that too much prior to his departure so that he can plan his trip accordingly

• Help the patient decide the kind of accommodation he would require during his stay in India

• Fix the OPD consultation with the Doctor

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