Hip Replacement Surgery Cost In Mumbai Is Very Affordable With The Help Of Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India

Treatment Overview:

A replacement surgery itself says that a substitute is added to the body to take the place of the diseased bone. This is a major procedure and not easy to be opt; Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai is very affordable so many of the patient wish to move down to Mumbai for their hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery procedure can be performed in both the ways traditionally as well as minimally invasively. The condition of the patient or the diseased area decides the surgical procedure. If the surgery is traditionally performed means with an open attempt to the targeted area then the recovery period will be higher; and if the surgery is performed using minimally invasive procedure then the patient may take 3-4 months to recover. This is about the surgery and its procedure as you go through the article you will also read about the top hospitals that best performs this procedure.

Hip Replacement.png

Hip Replacement Surgery Hospitals in India:

-> Fortis Hospital: it is a multispeciality hospital that provides treatment for every disease condition. It consists of more than 50 ICU beds and more than 250 general beds. They lead in surgical treatment as they are updated with all the latest technique and equipment. They have the best medical panel, a caring staff and a perfectly designed hospital rooms updated with all the equipment required to assist the patient.

-> Global Hospital: This was first started in Hyderabad and now it is one of the leading multispeciality hospitals in India. It is known for its best treatment procedure and the way they take care of their patient.

-> Artemis Hospital: It is also a multispeciality hospital that is divided into department and it consists of more than 300 beds and 200 ICU beds. They are updated with all the medical equipment to reach patient’s requirement.

Cost of Hip Replacement Surgery in India:

Hip replacement surgery cost  is very low as compared to other countries. Without any wait the patient will be advised the surgery and the treatment would also start the same day of the patient arrival. The cost does not affect the treatment procedure; it is successfully performed on many of the international patient and they have left the place satisfied. Many international patient wish to be treated in India because of the quality of treatment that is provided in India is very different as compared to other countries. The Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai does not affect the quality of the service. It is easy to reach top hospitals in India with the help of joint replacement surgery hospital India.

Recovery Time for Surgery:

The recovery time depends upon the surgical procedure that is been performed on the patient. If it is minimally invasive surgery that is been performed on the patient it would take 3-4 months maximum to recover. If it is a traditional procedure then it may take 6 months or 1 year to heal; because it is a major procedure. The surgery is decided looking at the patient’s condition. Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai is very low and so this procedure is commonly performed in Mumbai.

Surgery Benefits:

Hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai is very affordable which is the major benefit for patients suffering from hip arthritis. Hip replacement can benefit a patient’s life in many different ways; firstly the person can get back to his normal life after the surgery and the other is that he can walk on his own these are the major benefits that can help an arthritic patient to get back to his normal routine life.

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Reach Us to get Quality Affordable Treatment in India:

It is difficult to get prope medical assistance on time. We keep on trying new hospitals and doctors every day every minute but it turns of no use because of incorrect guidance. To get the proper assistance one can count on joint replacement surgery hospital India. They have tie-up with all the top hospitals in India that provides the best service at affordable cost. These consultants act as a bridge between the international patient and the top hospital in India. They would help you with medical visa, picks and drop facility, accommodation and meals in the package.

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Successful Blood Cancer Treatment Patients from Oman at Global Hospital Bangalore India

Mr. Faheem Safar from Oman had successful blood cancer treatment via Indian Medguru Consultants at Global Hospital Bangalore. Read on to know his story:

Successful Blood Cancer Treatment Patients from Oman at Global Hospital Bangalore


Hello, my name is Mr Faheem Safar and I traveled from Oman to India for blood cancer treatment at Global Hospital Bangalore. Cancer first hit home for me when one of my friend was diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle eventually after a short period of time. Due to him, I finally decided to check a lump on my neck which has been bothering me for a while. My biopsy revealed that I had lymphoma but luckily it was in a very early stage. My friend suggested me about Indian Medguru Consultants who had assisted him planning his medical trip to India. I contacted Indian Medguru Consultants asking about blood cancer treatment at Global Hospital Bangalore, India. They send us more details about the blood cancer treatment cost and doctor’s opinion after they studied the medical reports that was being asked to sent. Soon we solidified our decision to go ahead and my wife and son accompanied me to India.

We received a warm welcome by an official of Indian Medguru Consultants at the international airport in Bangalore. He escorted us to the hotel and few hours later we went to Global Hospital Bangalore. We met the doctor who was soft spoken and explained us about the entire procedure for the blood cancer treatment. It helped to put my mind at ease a bit. Soon into my treatment, I started losing my hair and beard that I had sported for long. I didn’t let it bother me. My whole treatment went really well with everything going to plan and my body seemed to react well to the treatment.

Before being diagnosed, I have had never been admitted to the hospital and so it gave me a but of a fright. However, this was an eye-opener for me as I was impacted by what others were going through. Early into my treatment, I learnt to continue being proactive with my health which meant keeping a close eye on tests and results and not being afraid to ask questions. It is up to you how you manage your treatment, but I felt that when I was organized my mind was more at rest. Though you don’t know where anything leads however I do like to feel like I know where I am going.

Slowly I am getting my strength back and learning to deal with fatigue. We have been keeping ourselves busy and also tried minimizing stress wherever possible. Practical things have helped me through this treatment. What I have learnt during this tough phase is the importance of family and friends when things are getting rough. You know that being able to talk to anyone about what you are going through is actually a huge support. I am extremely grateful to the team of Indian Medguru Consultants for talking about the blood cancer treatment and explaining about it as it helped me realise this isn’t something that I should be stressed about.

My chemo treatments were rough but I try remembering that this is the feeling which I have to deal with to get better. I know that my doctors have my best interests in minds.  By the end of the year I had finished treatment and was happy to start a new year in better health. I am now continuing to take a no stress approach to whatever life throws me at. We are just enjoying things as they come and though there are a lot of things happening in life, I just have to take one day at a time.

The doctor and his team have been incredible- so kind, caring and explain everything very well. I am grateful to the love and support of my family and friends who have been with me throughout this journey. I am thankful to Indian Medguru Consultants for their constant care and support throughout my medical trip for blood cancer treatment at Global Hospital Bangalore, India.

Thanking You,

Mr. Faheem Safar, Oman

Who Is The Best Doctor For Kidney Cancer Treatment In Delhi?


Before we talk about the best doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi, we need to get an overview of this dreaded disease. The cancer with kidney cancer starts with the kidneys which begins when the cells inside the body start growing out of control. The cells are generally the part of the body that can turn into cancer any time in human body. However, with effective treatment options available in the top hospitals and seeking the help of the best doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi, one can think of getting rid of the menace.

Why Delhi for Kidney Cancer Treatment?

When it comes to getting the best treatment for the cancer, Delhi in India is regarded as the best place to get treated for the same. It is a hub for the best hospitals and clinics, which have the best human resources in the form of best doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi. The hospitals are developed with state of art facilities and features, which make sure that you get the best of the healthcare services. All the top brands in healthcare sector are present in this country giving you enough reasons to the global patients to avail the cancer treatment with best doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi.

Best Doctor For Kidney Cancer Treatment In Delhi

How Much Does Cost Of Kidney Cancer treatment In Delhi?

If you talk about the cost of the treatment seeking the help of the best doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi then it is among the most afforded one when compared to developed nations like the US and the UK. The various treatment options for kidney treatment comes to around the following ways:

  •  Nephrectomy – 3500
  • Radiofrequency Ablation – 1500
  •  Radiation therapy- 4000
  • Cyberknife- 6000

Who is the Best Kidney Cancer Treatment Doctor in Delhi?

When it comes to the best doctor for kidney cancer treatment in Delhi then the list is long enough to count on. However, some of the top names in this domain include Dr. Gagan Gautam, Dr. Anant Kumar, Dr. VIjayant Govinda, Dr. Aditya Pradan, Dr. Anshuman Kumar, and Dr. Manu Gupta to name a few. These doctors and other best doctor for kidney treatment in Delhi are highly competitive and experienced and has come a long way in establishing their niche hard in their sector.

Which is the Best Kidney Treatment Hospital in India?

When it comes to getting the best treatment in Delhi seeking the help of the best kidney cancer treatment doctor in Delhi, there are several hospitals, however, the following are the famous ones, have a look:

 1. Fortis Hospital : It is a brand in itself when it comes to treating the menace with care and professionalism. It is a chain of hospital not just in India and abroad starting from Delhi itself. Fortis Hospital has one of the best kidney cancer treatment doctor in Delhi along with having the state of art facilities apart from being accredited by top groups like JCI and other quality control groups.

2. Dharamshila Cancer Hospital : Unlike the Fortis group, Dharamshila Cancer Hospital is known as a specialized group in treating a wide range of cancer cases.   It was created in 1994 with a modest start of 300 beds and now has emerged as a huge group in the national capital as a big group to cater the best cancer solutions. It is the first hospital to get the NABH Accreditation in the country getting the same in the year 2008.

Get free opinion, Quote, Medical Visa Invitation and Assistance by India Cancer Surgery Site

For the global patients looking for competitive cancer treatment for kidney and other forms of cancer can rely on the group called India Cancer Surgery Site. It has come a long way in establishing its niche hard in the domain of cancer care. It has one of the best team of best kidney cancer treatment doctor in Delhi along with top hospitals in its network giving the best cancer care solutions.

To Get Appointment With The Best Kidney Cancer Treatment Doctor In Delhi

Contact With India Cancer Surgery Site You Can

Email-Us : info@indiacancersurgerysite.com   Call-Us: +91-9371770341 

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Trust The Knee Expert In India Dr Ashok Rajgopal In India


If you have a knee damage or arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, the damage, and ache can restriction your capacity ability to flex and stretch your knees. Over time, the deterioration of your joint and surrounding tissue can make it difficult to perform basic daily activities, even sitting and lying down. Knee replacement surgery is not unusual solutions for people whose knees have grow to be too worn from this deterioration. Knee replacement provides dramatic pain relief for more than 90 percent of those who’ve undergone this surgery. Most of these procedures are done to replace knees damaged by osteoarthritis.

Dr Ashok Rajgopal Offers Orthopedic Care That Moves You

Dr Ashok Rajgopal top knee replacement surgeon in India is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care possible. Dr Ashok Rajgopal knee replacement surgeon at Medanta Medicity Delhi India provides high-quality, cost-effective, specialized orthopedic care in a streamlined environment focused on wellness, mobility and quick recovery. He is pleased to have you as a patient. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact our office and our trained staff will assist you in any way possible.

Dr.Ashok rajgopal knee replacement surgeon in india

Reasons To Choose Dr Ashok Rajgopal As Knee Replacement Surgeon In India

Dr Ashok Rajgopal top knee replacement surgeon in India recognizes that each patient’s needs is highly unique, which is why he tailors each individual’s treatment plan to his or her diagnosis, lifestyle and personal preferences. Dr Ashok Rajgopal makes recommendation that can encompass any number of surgical or nonsurgical treatments, typically taking the most conservative approach that is appropriate for any given situation. Whilst knee substitute surgical operation is an ability recommendation, he strives to use the strategies that are least disruptive to a patient’s body and lifestyle, serving as a pioneer in minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. He enjoys practicing at superior orthopedics due to the emphasis that is positioned on supplying patients with the most advanced technology, peer-reviewed remedies in a friendly all the way down to earth environment.

 What Happens During Consultation With Dr Ashok Rajgopal?

If you’re looking to explore your treatment options with an orthopedic surgeon, you can turn to the experienced surgeon Dr Ashok Rajgopal top knee replacement surgeon at Medanta Medicity Delhi India. This means that no matter what type of surgery you need – be it knee surgery, hip surgery or anything in between – you can consult with Dr Ashok Rajgopal top knee replacement surgeon in India who is familiar with the latest procedures and techniques in knee replacement surgery. He will review your diagnosis and lifestyle to help you determine which type of surgery – if any – would be most appropriate. In many instances, Dr Ashok Rajgopal best knee replacement surgeon India uses advanced, minimally invasive techniques to help his patients recover as quickly as possible with the lowest possible risk of complications. When you are ready to schedule an appointment with Dr Ashok Rajgopal, contact on +91-9860432255 

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Joint Replacement Surgery Service India

Joint replacement surgery service India provides patients from across the world hassle free healthcare services during their stay in India. Joint replacement surgery service India provides them exciting opportunities to spend their valuable time in India in exploring the beautiful country. We have attained tremendous growth & popularity for itself across the world with support of its remarkable medical assistance services.

Our Team

We boast of a skilled group of workers, who supports us in taking whole care of tour, transportation, logistic, accommodation and health of patients & their family members. Professionals keeping complete expertise approximately their respective fields are employed by using us to render dependable medical offerings.

Our team comprises: 

• Tour & travel agents

• Doctors

• Physicians

• Surgeons

• Nursing staff

• Hotel booking agents

• Logistic professionals etc.

 Our professionals will help offer answers and solutions to all your knee issues and recommend remedy schedules, number of appointments and ensure the best treatment, which means your trip will be well planned and fruitful. We ensure that your treatment is completed within the timeframe we decide before.

For consultation with Dr Ashok Rajgopal please call +91 9860432255



Average Cost Pituitary Tumour Surgery in Mumbai found very Reasonable by Medical Tourists

What is Pituitary Tumour?

Tumours originating in the Pituitary gland are known as Pituitary Tumours. The Pituitary gland is a tiny gland located inside the skull right below the brain and above the nasal passages. This gland is associated directly with the hypothalamus, which is a very crucial part of the brain. This is a major connection between the endocrine system and the brain. The endocrine system is a set of glands that produce hormones. The Pituitary gland is referred to as the ‘master control gland’ as it produces those hormones that control the hormone levels produced by most other endocrine glands.

There are two types of surgery implemented to eliminate such tumours: Transsphenoidal surgery – is beneficial because the brain is left untouched and this is done via a small cut made in the nasal septum and Craniotomy – is used for larger tumours through an opening made in the front of the skull.

Best Pituitary Tumour Surgeon in Mumbai

The Cancer hospitals and the associated doctors in Mumbai are renowned in the whole world for being highly updated about the recent advances in the field of healthcare. Similarly for Cancer cure, there are dedicated hospitals, which offer the most modern treatment options for issues like Pituitary Tumour. The Cancer specialists at these hospitals are highly competent and with the extensive training and experience that they have gained over the years, they can choose the most apt course of treatment. Thus, if you are thinking of finalizing Mumbai for the cure of Pituitary Tumour, there is ample availability of such expert Oncologists.

Pituitary Tumour Surgery in Mumbai

What is the Success rate in India?

The success of any treatment or procedure depends on the knowledge and skills of the doctors and surgeons dealing with the particular medical condition. In this matter, India is a boon for those, who are availing Cancer treatment here. There is frequent implementation of the most progressive kind of Cancer treatment techniques and surgical tools in India. Also, the surgeons performing these procedures are highly knowledgeable about implementing these treatment techniques in the most appropriate ways thus, boosting the success rate.

Cost of Pituitary Tumour Surgery

Despite the notion that Cancer treatment can weigh down the patients badly, India makes available very affordable Cancer cure to the innumerable Cancer affected patients around the globe. More specifically, the city of Mumbai has been offering the latest Cancer cure options at very sensible prices. The average cost of Pituitary Tumour Surgery in Mumbai is extremely cost effective much to the respite of these patients, who are in desperate for the right treatment.

Recovery Time

The patients may face headaches for a few days but there are medicines prescribed. Also, a lot of attention is given to any vision related issues. If there is any drainage from the nose or back of the throat, a dressing may be placed over the patient’s nose. The patients are generally discharged in 3-4 days and need another 4-6 weeks of time for complete recuperation.

Want to register yourself for Medical Tour in India?

While in India, Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants can assist you in planning your medical tour. You can get in touch with us with the help of the following options:

Benefits with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

In India, Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants ascertains that the medical tourists get nothing but the best of the medical amenities. The services provided by us assure the patients that they are in the best hands:

  • Our association with the best Cancer hospitals makes it easy for the patients to get treatment at the top hospitals
  • The Cancer specialists who are a part of our network are highly reputed for their expertise
  • We handle all the coordination on your behalf to make things further easier for you
  • With us, the average cost of Pituitary Tumour surgery in Mumbai is very much within your budget
  • You do not have to go through long waiting period and we guarantee your treatment starts at the earliest
  • Despite the low cost packages, the quality of services offered is uncompromised
  • We take care of arranging your medical visa, hotel accommodation, etc.
  • We can even plan a vacation in combination with your medical tour

With the advent of Medical Tourism, it has become extremely easy for the patients to go beyond the borders of their countries and avail the needed treatment in a better way as compared to in their own countries. In this matter, there are hardly any other countries that stand a chance to compete with India. Cancer treatment in India is one of the most favored treatments by patients from several corners of the globe.

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Average Cost Of Hip Replacement Surgery In India Under The Supervision Of Top Hip Surgeons

Overview: Hip Replacement Surgery:

Hip replacement surgery gives a new life to those who are suffering from severe arthritis; the debilitating pain can be easily overcome with the help of hip replacement surgery. There are two types of hip replacement surgery: total hip replacement surgery and partial hip replacement surgery. In total hip replacement surgery the entire hip joint is replaced with the artificial prosthesis; where as in partial hip replacement surgery only the arthritic bone and cartilage are trimmed and replaced with the artificial graft. This artificial prosthesis is made up of metal and plastic which takes the place of diseased cartilage and bones in this surgery. One can get average cost of hip replacement surgery in India with the help of joint replacement surgery hospital India. This surgery benefits bone injury and also sports injury depending upon the criticality of the injury. 

Why Opt For India For Hip Replacement Surgery?

There are two types of hip replacement surgery; tradition hip replacement and the other is minimally invasive surgery. Both of these surgeries can be performed at affordable cost of hip replacement surgery in India; with the help of joint replacement surgery hospital India. Without any wait the surgery can be planned; which is unlike other countries. This is the best chance for international patients to get their hip replacement surgery done at affordable cost in India. 

hip replacement surgery india

Best Hospitals For Hip Replacement Surgery:

Every hospital in India has its own uniqueness in serving their patients. Below are the names that are commonly preferred by national and international patients both.

Fortis Hospital: This is a multi-specialist hospital that has performed many successful surgeries at a very low cost. This best hospital has its branch in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Amritsar, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad etc. It is blessed with many best surgeons and doctors who keep their job at top priority; this makes many national and international patients eager to be served by them. 

 Artemis Hospital: This was established in the year 2007; it is a multi-specialist hospital built in 9 acres. It consists of more than 400 beds, more than 50 ICU rooms and the best medical panel to handle your medical condition. This hospital is updated with all the latest equipments that makes every surgery easy and less time consuming. 

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Effective Cost Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery In India:

Robotic hip replacement surgery is a minimally invasive way to perform a major surgery. This surgery includes the use of latest equipments like monitor, robotic arms etc. This surgery is performed by giving few small incisions which help the patient to recover fast; it is unlike the traditional surgery. Robotic surgery has a less recovery time and this is how it is preferred by many patients round the globe.

This surgery is commonly preferred because of two reasons one is the cost which every patients can easily afford and the other is Top Hip Surgeons in India who delivers world’s best service to their patients in terms of robotic hip replacement surgery. There are many ways to perform a hip replacement surgery but the safest and the easy one is robotic surgery which is a minimally invasive one. It also has lesser recovery days, less scars and incision as compared to traditional surgery. Many national and international patients have been benefitted by this surgery. 


Hip replacement surgery can help you to overcome arthritic knee and hip joint pain. This will also help you to get back to your daily routine. Many have experienced the bless of this surgery and have resumed their work with the same ease like they used to do before surgery. With the help of joint replacement surgery hospital India many international patients have received the best treatment at affordable cost. The patients can also be helped with medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc.

We have Fast Track services for Our Patients.

You can Email us For Fast Track Query Reply- enquiry@jointsurgeryhospital.com

or Call us For Immediate Appointment- +91-9860432255


How to Choose Best Doctors and Hospitals for Varicocele Embolization in Bangalore?

What is Varicocele Embolization?

A Varicocele is an unusual magnification of the group of veins inside the scrotum. The scrotum is a sac that holds the testicles; also the veins and arteries, which deliver blood to the reproductive glands. These veins are quite similar to the varicose veins present in the legs and badly functioning valves in these veins may lead to swelling in these vessels. An abnormality in the vein located in the scrotum may lead to a varicocele. A varicocele can lead to lowered sperm production and quality, which sometimes can cause infertility. Also, this condition can shrink the testicles.

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The healthy veins within the scrotum, the one-way valves facilitate the movement of the blood from the testicles to the scrotum, after which they send it back to the heart. But at times, the flow of blood through the veins is not as harmonious as it should be and begins to pool in the vein, causing it to expand.

There are various forms of treatment available to get this condition treated. One of these is called Varicocele Embolization. It is a minimally invasive procedure in which a small catheter is inserted through the groin or inner thigh. X-rays help the doctors to move the tube accurately correct location in the scrotum. A coil is then placed into the catheter and then into the Varicocele. This blocks the blood flow from going into the abnormal veins. Then the catheter is removed and the location is bandaged.

Why Bangalore for Varicocele Embolization?

For availing Varicocele Embolization in India, there are several hospitals that offer this procedure; specifically Varicocele Embolization in Bangalore is very easily viable. There are many medical tourists, who visit Bangalore for availing many kinds of treatment mainly because the hospitals here are some of the most progressive ones and highly reputed for the availability of the most modern treatments and procedures. Also, the best Varicocele Embolization doctors in Bangalore are extremely knowledgeable and have many years of experience. Not only this, the cost of this procedure is very cost effective in this city.

Best Varicocele Embolization Doctors in Bangalore

  • Mohan Keshavamurthy Is an extremely eminent Urologist, Uro-oncologist, Andrologist and Transplant Surgeon.  He is a pioneer in Laser Urology and highly proficient in intricate procedures related to reconstruction of the Urinary Tract and major Uro-oncological procedures in both adult and paediatric patients. During his vast experience, he has done over 3000 enabled Transurethral prostate procedures using Laser (LASER TURP), 2500 laser fragmentation of Kidney (RIRS) and Ureteric stones (URS), 2500 Kidney Transplants and 75 Pancreas Transplant. At present, he is the Director, Urology and Transplant Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road.
  • Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy Currently working as the Chairman and Senior Consultant Urologist at the NU Hospitals. His areas of specialization include Urology, Paediatric Urology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Urogynaecology, Urological Surgery, Functional Urology, Paediatric Urologist and Reconstruction Surgeon, Urogynaecology and Hip Reconstructive Surgery, and Female Urology. He is a highly proficient Urologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon and Urological Surgeon with more than 33 years of experience.

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Best Hospitals for Varicocele Embolization in Bangalore

  • Fortis Hospital Bangalore This hospital welcomes numerous patients throughout the year by offering them cure for every type of health ailment. The hospital is home to the most sophisticated infrastructure and has one of the best and most experienced clinical team. The doctors and surgeons ensure high success rate along with superlative patient cure.
  • NU Hospital Bangalore The NU Hospital is destination for the some of the most advanced healthcare facilities as well as a much trained and vastly knowledgeable team of specialists. This hospital ascertains that each and every patient visiting here gets nothing but the best of treatment along with the highly trained nursing staff taking supreme care ensuring a speedy recovery.

Need Appointment with specialists for Varicocele Embolization at Bangalore: Contact Indian Medguru Consultants

Indian Medguru Consultants is at the forefront for getting the best healthcare tourism services while in India; especially for accessing the best hospitals for Varicocele Embolization in Bangalore. At Indian Medguru Consultants, there is presence of excellent facilities so that the health tour of these medical tourists is the most comfortable. So if you need to get an appointment for getting the Varicocele Embolization in Bangalore, we can help you book the initial consultation with the concerned doctor at the earliest.

You do not have to wait for meeting Best Varicocele Embolization Doctors and Hospital in Bangalore. We have Fast Track services for Our Patients. You can Email us For Fast Track Query Reply- contact@indianmedguru.com or Call us For Immediate Appointment- +919370586696.

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