Minimum Price of IVF Treatment for Global Patients in Mumbai- This Festive Season

IVF Treatment: Overview

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Few decades ago, the term IVF (in vitro fertilization) seemed like some ‘mysterious procedure’ and the only thing was that most people knew that it was an infertility treatment that produced ‘test-tube babies’.

People were unsure about this procedure and even wondered how much a ‘test tube baby costs’! As infertility became of a common problem, we started to learn more about IVF and then it can help couples conceive.

The IVF treatments have come to a very long way so that they can help and meet the need of the day. If you and your spouse are considering the IVF treatments, one of the first things you should do as a part of your preparation for IVF would obviously be to consider in the vitro fertilization costs.

Step by Step Procedure of IVF Treatment in Mumbai

To prepare for an assisted reproductive procedure using your own eggs, you will require hormone treatment to control your egg and production (ovulation). This is done to prevent the unpredictable ovulation, which will make it necessary to cancel that in vitro attempt. This is typically done by using one of two similar types of gonadotropin-releasing hormone and analogue (GnRH agonist or GnRH antagonist). The following are the two examples of how ovulation can be controlled:

Offer for IVF treatment in Mumbai, minimum Price of IVF treatment in Mumbai, success rate of IVF Treatment in Mumbai, Procedure of IVF Treatment in Mumbai, test tube baby cost in India, IVF treatment in Mumbai, affordable packages IVF treatment in Mumbai, successful IVF treatment in Mumbai, list of ivf centres in mumbai, best infertility treatment in mumbai, best ivf treatment in mumbai, ivf cost in mumbai, best ivf doctor in mumbai, average cost of ivf in india, best hospital for ivf treatment mumbai,

Then After the first week, your doctor checks that your blood oestrogen levels and then uses its ultrasound to see whether the eggs are maturing in the follicles. During the second week, your dosage will change based on test results. And then you are monitored frequently with transvaginal ultrasound and blood tests. If any of the follicles is fully develop, you are given a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injection that will stimulate the follicles to mature Sperm collection. Sperm are collected by the means of masturbation or by taking sperm from a testicle through a small incision. This procedure is also done when a blockage prevents sperm from being ejaculated or when there is a problem with the sperm development.

  • Fertilization and embryo transfer : The eggs and the sperm are placed in a glass dish and incubated with careful temperature. The best fertilized eggs are selected. Then some are placed in the uterus using a thin flexible tube (catheter) which is inserted through the cervix. Those remaining will be frozen (cryopreserved) for future attempts.
  • Pregnancy and birth : Any type of embryos that implant in the uterus may result in pregnancy and birth of one or more infants.

The Good Success rate of IVF Treatment in Mumbai

IVF treatment in Mumbai is very affordable as compared to other countries; with the help of top gynecologist we prove to deliver good success rate of IVF treatment in Mumbai. The doctors who would attend your problem will suggest you the best treatment procedure. They have successfully treated many conditions and have helped many; to mother a baby.

Christmas Offer for IVF treatment for Global Patients in India

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Minimum Price of IVF treatment is offered in the occasion of Christmas. The Christmas means the birth of Christ; this time it can be positive for many of the ladies who wish to mother a baby. Patients round the globe can get affordable packages for their IVF treatment in India with the help of Indian med guru consultants and with an ease they can help you to get the medical treatment at affordable cost in India.

Easily available IVF Center in Mumbai with Highest Success Rates by Indian Med Guru Consultants

Indian Medguru consultants are the best consultants in India they will help you to get the best hospitals for your treatment. These consultants have tie-ups with only the best surgeons and doctors who can really give you some successful results. The consultants can help you with medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc. They will also see that you get the best treatment at affordable cost in top hospitals at India.

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Medical Tour To India From Zambia Successful Owing To Cost Effective Orthopaedic Surgery


Joint problems are highly prevalent in today’s society. We often come across obese people and there are many who complain about the discomfort that they have to face due to these Joint problems. There can be many causes behind this – may be genetic, excessive weight gain, total absence of physical exercise, others. Thus, there comes a point when Joint problems can’t be dealt with easy non-surgical methods and then surgical attention is required. 

Joint Replacement surgeries are performed to get rid of the diseased parts of a joint and to get them swapped with new, man-made components. Supplanting a joint can lessen the pain and enables the patient to get back to his or her routine life smoothly. These Joint problems are quite rampant, not only in the developed nations but also in the developing ones like Zambia, irrespective of age. 

Medical Treatment at Best Hospitals in India

The best Joint Replacement hospitals of India are making Orthopaedic treatment so viable for the Zambia citizens. Not only this, the Orthopaedic surgery price in India for Zambia Nationals, that these hospitals are offering are very appealing and making more and more Zambians plan their medical tour to India from Zambia. Medical treatment in India is very sophisticated yet affordable and there is no compromise in the quality of services. Further, the Orthopaedic doctors in India are highly qualified and proficient to deal with any kind of Joint Replacement issues. These doctors are renowned to be very meticulous and thus there are hardly any risks or complications. This is very rare and there are not many countries, which are equipped with such facilities. 

india from zambia medical tour

Medical Visa Assistance to India from Zambia

Orthopaedic surgeries can be extremely discomforting because of the pain. It can so extreme that the pain may restrict the patient from performing his or her daily activities. Thus, it is very crucial that such patients receive timely treatment; especially the patients from the developing countries like Zambia. For the Zambia patients, one of the crucial steps for receiving treatment in India is to get quick and easy medical visa to India. India provides excellent medical visa assistance to Zambia Nationals so that they can access the Orthopaedic cure on time and get relief from the pain and discomfort as early as possible. 

Facilities provided by Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital in India

The Joint Replacement hospitals of India welcome the Zambian medical tourists with an array of Orthopaedic treatment choices along with superlative post operative care. There are several benefits of obtaining Orthopaedic cure in India. 

• The Joint Replacement hospitals in of India are renowned internationally for being extremely sophisticated

• These ‘centers of excellence’ are armed with state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and there are many Joint Replacement surgeries performed annually 

• The success rates at these hospitals are at par with the international standards

• The Orthopaedic doctors and surgeons in India are highly talented and make medical tour to India from Zambia totally fulfilling 

• There are no hindrances due to language differences as the paramedic staff is fluent English speakers 

• In case of any issues due to language, there are translators available to deal with it 

• The Orthopaedic surgery price in India for Zambia patients is very reasonable 

• No lengthy wait lists in the Joint Replacement hospitals, for the Zambians in India

• The nursing staff is very competent and caters to the Zambia patients with supreme care 

• The medical assistance for Zambian Nationals is very high and matches the expectations of these patients 

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With these advanced and top class Joint Replacement amenities so easily available in India, no wonder there is such a steep rise in the number of Zambians planning their medical tour to India from Zambia. Furthermore, the Orthopaedic surgery price in India for Zambia patients is so sensibly priced that the Zambia citizens do not have any second thoughts before finalizing India as their treatment destination. Also, with top notch medical visa assistance to Zambia Nationals, these patients do not face any hiccups while visiting India.


The Best Stomach Cancer Oncologist in Mumbai and Top Cancer Hospitals Are A Click Way

What Is Stomach Cancer?

Before we talk about the stomach top hospital in Mumbai India, we need to understand the ailment first. Well, the stomach cancers can be seen developing slowly and gradually over several years. Before you see a true cancer developing, the pre-cancerous changes are seen occurring in the inner lining (mucosa) of the stomach. These can be called as the early changes that are rarely seen causing any symptoms and hence often remain as undetected. The cancers that tend to start developing at other areas are seen causing different symptoms and thus have other results as well. The location of the cancer can hamper the treatment options as well. The stomach cancer can be seen spreading or metastasizing in several different methods.  The stomach is seen having rich network of lymph vessels and the nodes. Once you get it don’t worry we have the best stomach cancer oncologist in Mumbai to treat the same.

What Are The Early Signs Of Stomach Cancer?

When it comes to the early symptoms of stomach cancer, it is not often seen getting a clear symptoms. Well, some of the cancer grows and the most common ones are indicated as under:

symtoms of stomach cancer

  • The Feeling full or bloated after having a small meal.
  • Get effective Weight loss without even trying it.
  • The Discomfort seen in the stomach area.
  • Too much of Nausea and vomiting.
  • Poor amount of appetite seen.
  • Abdominal pain witnessed in early stage .
  • You experience Heartburn or indigestion.
  • There is a low red blood cell count or anemia.
  • You get to see the Swelling or fluid build-up in the abdomen.

These symptoms are not often witnessed due to the presence of cancer rather it can be owing to the ulcer or infection. Anyone seen with these symptoms should immediately consult the best stomach cancer oncologist in Mumbai. Once you are done your treatment will start at stomach cancer top hospital in Mumbai India.

What Are The Types Of Stomach Cancer?

When it comes to the types of the stomach cancers, the best stomach cancer oncologist in Mumbai claims that Adenocarcinoma are present in around 90 to 95 percent of different types of cancers found in the stomach. These cancers can be seen getting developed from the cells, which form the innermost lining over the stomach called as mucosa. Generally whenever we talk about the stomach or gastric cancer, it generally refers to the adenocarcinoma. The other type of stomach cancer is lymphoma, which are found over the walls of stomach that comprises 4 percent of the cancer. The others include carcinoid tumor and gastrointestinal stromal tumor. The other kinds of cancers like cell carcinoma, the squamous cell carcinoma and the leiomyosarcoma that can be seen starting in the stomach but these cancers are very rare.

Best Stomach Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai India

Best Stomach Cancer Hospitals in Mumbai India


When it comes to the stomach cancer top hospital in Mumbai India there are several to be named in this category. Some of these include JJ Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, Fortis Hospital and Lilavati Hospital a new few. These can be called as the top hospital in Mumbai India and are known to have the best of the top facilities and features that are known to govern with state of art technologies. Some of these hospitals also have the accreditations including JCI and NABH.

Best Stomach Cancer Oncologist in Mumbai

If you talk about the best stomach cancer oncologist in Mumbai then are several name that fit into this category. Some of the top names falling into the category of best stomach cancer oncologist in Mumbai include Dr. Mandar Nadkarni, Dr. Dilip Murarka and Dr. Vijay V. Haribhakti to name a few. These doctors and surgeons falling under the best stomach cancer oncologist in Mumbai category are highly competitive in terms of services and professionalism.

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Dr Rahul Bhargava Oncologist in India- Commonly Preferred For Major Osteo Related Issues

Overview :

Dr Rahul bhagrava is and leading eminent and a young person in artemis hospital hemato-oncologist practicing in artemisdue to an experienced cancer specialist; he has totally and whole heartedly dedicated his life for his career and patients.

His journey begins with MD in 2004 as followed by DM for the most prestigious institutes of the country AIIMS in the year 2009 .

However this love for his career lead him to his post DM and fellowship in leukemia and BMT in the year 2010 where he was specially trained and prepared in voluntary stream cell and transplant and unbilical  cord transplant.

Now he is a chairmen and director of hemato-oncology and stem cell transplant unit at AIIMS hospital in Gurgaon Dr. Bhargava has successfully performed transplantation more than 100 patients.

Dr Rahul Bhargava Oncologist in India; commonly preferred for major osteo related issues

Types Of Bone Marrow 

Bone marrow is the tissues comprising the center of the large bones. It is the place where new blood cells are generated it has two types of stem cells hemopoietic and stromal and bone marrow has two types red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow. Most red blood cells arrives in red bone marrow and white blood cells are developed in yellow bone marrow the yellow colour of yellow bone marrow is due to higher number of fat cells in it both contains numerous amount of vessels and capillaries if we all know that at birth all bone marrow colour is red adults have only an average of 2.6kgs of bone marrow in there body.

Red bone marrow is mainly found in flat bones like hip bone,brest bones,skull, ribs, vertebrae etc. Pink marrow is found in the hallow interior of the long bones at the middle part some time in case of blood loss the body can convert the yellow blood marrow in to red marrow to increase the red cell production and decrease the blood loss.

There are two types of marrow red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow both are different but are highly vascular with numerous blood cells.

Steam cell uses bone marrow to treat cancer related diseases such as leukemia, multiple myeloma and lymphoma in other cases of diseases of bone marrow due to the infected bone maroow cell it is first killed by a type of drug or irridation and then new bone marrow id transplant so than the body can get the new cell to heal and regenerated new blood cells.

Procedure Of Bone Marrow Transplantation

This procedure of stem cell transplant is generally done after the chemotherapy or the radiation therapy is completely performed. In this procedure stem cells are delivered into the bloodstream with the use of a tube named central venous catheter. To perform this procedure a donor cell is needed which can be collected in 2 ways. This surgery is considered as a minor surgery and it is done under general anesthesia.

Dr. Rahul Bhargava Best Haemato Oncologist For Bone Marrow Transplantaion

Dr. Rahul Bhargava Best Hemato Oncologist in India is the best medical practitioner who has worked miracle by treating many cancer patients by stem cell therapy. Many international patients have experienced relief after the treatment involving stem cell therapy. There are patients who proactively prefer Dr. Rahul Bhargava to take care of their major disease.

Dr Rahul Bhargava Best Hematologist Fortis Gurgaon

Fortis hospital is one of the leading hospitals in India and Oncologist like Dr. Rahul Bhargava with Fortis hospitals is like the icing on the cake. This best oncologist has worked many wonders in treating cancer patient and has given them diseased free life. Fortis hospital is a well-known medical service provider that is updated with all the latest technique and equipment. It has a very strong medical team and all that is used for a proper treatment. It is easy to reach this best hospital and surgeon with the help of India cancer surgery site. These consultants will help you to get medical visa, airport pick and drop, local travel, meals, accommodation etc.

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Get Benefits of Low cost Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery in India


Get Benefits of low cost laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery in India

Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India is a minimal invasive procedure done to remove the gallbladder with the laparoscopic techniques. This surgery has become procedure of choice for routine the gallbladder removal. The low cost laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India is indicated for patients with asymptomatic gallstones, gallstone pancreatitis, symptomatic gallstones, acute cholecystitis, Mirizzi syndrome, billary colic, choledocholithiasis and benign gallbladder tumors. Unlike the traditional open gallbladder removal surgical procedure, the laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is done by making few small incisions so there is minimal scarring and less post operative discomfort. This surgery also reduce the overall hospital stay and promote a faster recovery to the patient. India Laparoscopy Surgery Site are pioneers of medical  tourism in India that provides laparoscopic gallbladder surgery benefits India at the best hospitals in the country.

What is the Gallbladder Surgery?

The gallbladder surgery is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures that are often done with the minimally invasive techniques. The medical name for the gallbladder removal procedure is called as a laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery or the laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.

Benefits Gallbladder Surgery in India

The laparoscopic gallbladder surgery benefits India include:

  • The top hospitals providing the best in class medical facilities
  • They have accurate management of medical conditions that uses the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology.
  • Presence of excellent infrastructure of healthcare institutions across India
  • Professional surgical teams which are led by the highly experienced and well qualified laparoscopic surgeons who are world renowned for their knowledge and skills
  • The surgeries are performed using the latest laparoscopic technique and the international standard consumables by well trained paramedical staff and nursing staff that offers compassionate pre and post operative care
  • The cost effective laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India with shorter hospital stays, less complications and quicker recovery
  • The availability of exceptional rehab and recuperation facilities across the country

Why consider the low cost laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery in India?

India Laparoscopy Surgery Site offers low cost Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery in India from our network of surgeons, doctors and hospitals with latest infrastructure and modern facilities. The surgery is done in the most optimal way to facilitate speedy patient recovery post surgery. Our group empathize with the patients from abroad, understand their anxiety and worries before the procedure and hence strive to serve to all our patients needs. We continuously monitor the processes at our hospitals and continuously innovate to provide more and more affordable price laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India.

Our tie-ups with the hospitals across the country have JCI accreditation and strictly adhere to all the international norms of the affordable price laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India. Our surgical teams are lead by the top laparoscopic surgeons in India who are highly qualified, have immense experience and expertise to provide the laparoscopic gallbladder surgery benefits India. If you are planning to undergo a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India, then simply contact India Laparoscopy Surgery Site that offers a simple and clutter free process.

Our services include:

  • Assistance to plan your medical treatment in India by sending you the medical visa, travel, transport, food and stay arrangements
  • Low cost laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in India
  • Personalized care to our global patients at the top hospitals having dedicated staff
  • English speaking staff
  • Complete assistance to plan a trip to scenic places post surgery

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Disc Replacement Surgery Benefits in India for Malawi Patients are too good to miss


Before we discuss the Disc Replacement Surgery benefits in India for Malawi patients, we need to know about it a bit. Well, the surgery happens to be the most modern and innovative treatment option available. In this surgery, the doctor is seen removing the disk along with the faces that are packed with the bone graft. In the time duration, you can find the bone creating a solid bony bridge all over the two vertebrae. With this movie, the earlier painful segment is made free with the pain. Of late, there has been a surge in the medical tourism industry in India and more and more global patients are considering a wide range of healthcare services. This is because the global patients are getting the best of the healthcare services. Indian hospitals are known to offer you the best of the Disc Replacement Surgery benefits in India for Malawi, which is the basic reason why there is an increase in the trends of global patients.

Why Disc Replacement Surgery?

The reasons of choosing the Disc Replacement Surgery are many, which can vary from one condition to the other. If the pain is caused due to the hampered the discs, which can be even reduced with several non-surgical methods like injections, physical therapy and medication along with the doctor that can be seen recommending the disc replacement surgery. There are number of conditions, which can be seen preventing from getting the disc replacement. The medical conditions that can be fixed spondylolisthesis, which brings the slipping of one vertebral body across the lower one along with the other conditions like osteoporosis, allergy and vertebral body fracture seen over the materials in the device, spinal infection, spinal tumor, significant changes and  morbid obesity of the facet joints, pregnancy, chronic steroid use or the autoimmune problems.

disc replacement malawi

Disc Replacement Surgery in India benefits for Malawi

Am I the Candidate for Disc Replacement Surgery?

One of the best candidates for the Disc replacement surgery would be the global patients who are seen having the failed prolonged non-surgical treatment and the one who is seen having the moderate or severe degenerative disc disease. On of the ideal candidate for these surgical procedures is the one who is seen fitting into the following criteria:

  • If the patient is not over the age of 60
  • The patient is not having degeneration on multiple levels of the spine
  • If the patient is not having osteoporosis
  • If the patient Is seen in good health?
  • If the patient is not overweight
  • If the person had not any kind of surgery for this condition such as a spinal fusion
  • Has had at least 3 months of non-surgical treatments like the issues  stretching, medications and exercise  which has failed to reduce the pain that can bring the everyday functions back and make you a normal as possible
  • The artificial disc replacements is seen having causing the facet joint problems or is known to have any previous facet joint issues.
  • The patient is not having any scoliosis or any other kind of spinal deformity that would make disc replacement not possible.
  • The nerves seen over the spinal canal that are not being compressed in any way.
  • You have never had any kind of spinal infection.
  • You don’t have spinal arthritis

The Disc Replacement Surgery benefits in India for Malawi Patients

The global patients are known to gain a number of benefits by opting for the global healthcare services in India. The fact is with the Disc Replacement Surgery benefits in India for Malawi Patients getting better and bolder, with the availability of high quality and great affordability. They are treated with the best of the doctors and surgeons at the hospitals giving the best of the facilities and state of art features.

Get in touch with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India to get the best medical offers for global patients at or dial +91 9860755000 to book your appointment online.

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Cost Effective And Advanced Medical Treatment In India For Zambia Nationals


After Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the immediate life threatening health issue affecting millions of people globally is Cancer. There is continuous need for innovation in its treatment methods and thus there is a lot of research being done worldwide to help the Cancer affected population. There are many types of Cancer but some of the most prevalent types are Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Brain Cancer, and Prostate Cancer.

As most of us know that if accessed to timely treatment, Cancer is surely curable. But it’s not possible for all; particularly for the Cancer affected population of the developing countries like Zambia. When it comes to Cancer treatment, the situation is quite dire for the Zambians. India is a major ray of hope for them and therefore the rise in the number of medical visa from Zambia to India.

Abundant Availability of Medical Treatment in India for Zambia Nationals

Although there are basic health amenities available in Zambia, when it comes difficult health disorders like Cancer, there is not much accessible to the Zambian population. This is where India has proven to be extremely beneficial for the Zambian. Medical Treatment in India for Zambia Nationals is a boon for the Cancer affected Zambians. India is blessed with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced Cancer specialists. They have years of training and supreme patient care experience, and are renowned both in India and abroad. Further, the India Cancer hospitals have ample of finest preventive methodologies, most progressive techniques for Cancer screening and Cancer treatments, along with exceptional Cancer cure packages.

Special Services For Zambia Patients

Cost effective and Advanced Medical Treatment in India for Zambia Nationals

As mentioned above, there is critical shortage of Cancer associated amenities in Zambia, because of which they have to look beyond the boundaries of their country for beneficial treatment options. Looking at India’s popularity as a medical tourism hub and the array of Cancer treatment options available here, Medical Treatment in India For Zambia Nationals has proved to be very worthwhile for the Zambians. The Zambians are given immediate and individualized attention in Indian hospitals. There are expert translators to help them overcome any language issues, while communicating with the medical professionals. The Zambians don’t have to wait much to get attended as the hospitals ensure timely cure. Most importantly, the Cancer treatment in India very reasonably priced as compared to other countries.

Lack Of Cancer Expertise In Zambia

The healthcare system of Zambia is lagging behind in many matters. There is extreme shortage in properly functioning diagnostic equipment, the nursing staff is not adequately trained, not enough surgical facilities and many more issues. But one of the most critical issues is the lack of Cancer expertise in Zambia. The Zambian Health Department says that the ratio of healthcare professionals per 1,000 population in Zambian is much lower than what is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). There is lot of negligence and funding issues and continual brain drain. Cancer specialists are migrating from Zambia to other countries looking for better remuneration. Owing to these issues the suffering Zambian population is opting for medical visa from Zambia to India.

Indian Medical Visa From Zambia To India

Owing to the easy accessibility to such excellent healthcare services; especially related to Cancer, innumerable Cancer affected Zambians, obtaining medical visa from Zambia to India. The medical visa process is not very complicated and there is complete support provided to the Zambians so that they don’t have to wait for a long time to get timely treatment. India has given a new lease of life to the Cancer affected Zambians by making medical treatment in India for Zambia Nationals so very viable and cost effective.

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