Medical Tourism in India


Medical Tourism Inida

India is becoming hub for group of foreign patients. Having best medical destinations all over the country, health care system in India deals with supreme standard. Every medical field in India has gained supremacy and patients are served with premium nursing care and with latest technology to get beneficial results of treatments. Experts in cardiology, general surgery, plastic surgery, oncology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, weight loss treatments, neurology, and gastroenterology are well reputed in India.

The lion’s share of medical tourist to  Indian medical tour are territorial—from south Africa , Africa, USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other medically under developed states looking for simple access to reasonable medications and surgery. However, patients from Canada and the UK are likewise attracted to the area because of the absence of holding up times from overburdened open medicinal services and the lure of the beautiful culture of India.

Indian Medical Tourism is a quick growing industry and is expected to grow 30 % annually. This growth of medical sector in India will make $2.12 billion industry by end of 2015. If you compare India and other medical destinations of the globe, India is not only the cheapest but also is at par providing top class facilities. More and more medical tourists are coming to India for various kinds of treatments and surgery with increasing appeal. Through a survey, it has been estimated that every year India sees 150,000 patients to avail low priced health care service.

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There are many reasons for which International Patients come to India:

  1. Best services at most affordable cost
  2. Skilled, experienced and well qualified doctors and surgeons make treatment procedure a successful experience.
  3. Foreign patients gets personalized and comprehensive services
  4. A treatment method uses latest technologies and cutting edge systems for surgery and other processes.
  5. No language barrier is faced in Indian hospital as English is very popular
  6. Hospitals of India are JCI accredited and also match international standards of hygiene and cleanliness. With the top-class infrastructure patients’ coming for treatments gets relaxed in good environment.

When it comes to selecting doctor’s facility


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For a patient travelling to India, it is important to find the optimal Doctor-Hospital combination. Though most of the Hospitals are well equipped with Top Notch Doctors and Operation Theatre, claiming the Hospital is capable of all kind of treatments. However the easiest way is to contact a Medical Facilitator and get the details as these Medical Facilitators are not only working independently, have good knowledge of this industry rather they are also a boon in saving another 10-15% of the Treatment cost compared to direct quotation given by any particular Hospital.

Another critical issue to be checked is Doctor’s affiliation, Cost of the Treatment and after treatment administrations. Mind that Lower treatment expense does not as a matter of course mean settle for quality, you will get best class treatment. It is just the lower economy of India causing the lower rate system.

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To wrap things up check if after treatment, the patient has the choice of either recovering in the clinic or at a paid convenience close-by. As though a procurement of stay is not close-by, then it is hard to transport between the Hospital and your stay for specialist’s counsel. Numerous healing centres additionally give the alternative of proceeding with the treatment through telemedicine. With time, patients from nations like Afghanistan have begun to visit to India for treatment in expansive numbers and this is relied upon to develop considerably assist. The Indian health care industry is evaluated to twofold in worth to $6 billion by 2018, with a recent study.

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