Indian Medical Tour Packages for Leukemia Cancer Treatment


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When it comes to Leukemia, it is a form of cancer related to white blood cell, which begins with the bone marrow and that happens to be the production house of the blood cells like the WBCs that is known to protect us from infections, RBCs along with carrying and giving oxygen to all the parts of our body and platelets in order to help to clot while having any blood during injury. In this condition called leukemia, we find the bone marrow producing loads of white blood cells that doesn’t really work in a normal fashion and they tend to grow much faster and thus invade a number of other normal blood cells bringing in the problems like bleeding, anemia and infections. It can be seen moving ahead and spreading to the lymph nodes or the other organs and produce the symptoms. It is also called as haematological cancer.

Best Option for Leukemia Cancer at Affordable Price

Best Option for Leukemia Cancer at Affordable Price

If you talk about the cost of treatments like Leukemia Cancer in India, it comes out to be much affordable as compared to the developed nations. The total expenses of blood cancer treatment in India is very much affordable and even if you add things like travel and stay cost, the overall cost of the surgery or treatment still comes out to be affordable. The price comparisons for a number of complicated procedures like leukemia treatment packages in India are in Whipple surgery or chemotherapy, every single procedure comes out to be very much affordable. The fact of the matter if you will find the Leukemia much affordable even if you add a number of other costs that incur while you visit a new country for the treatment. A simple comparison will give you the right picture. Following is the best option for Leukemia Cancer in India at affordable price.

  • Chemotherapy
  • Biological therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Stem cell therapy

For instance the cost of chemotherapy can cost you around 3000 USD in India while the same procedure will cost you 22,000 USD in US. Similarly the cost of the Total Biological therapy can cost you around 5000 USD which cost 30,000 USD in US, while the Radiation therapy and Stem cell therapy can cost you around 3500 USD & 2800 USD respectively which cost you around 31,000 & 27,000 USD respectively.

Top Leukemia Treatment Surgeons in India

Top Leukemia Treatment Surgeons in India

India has no dearth of top doctors for various specialization and for departments like oncology, it is certainly not an exception. We have top doctors and surgeons all across our country for the global patients’ sake, we have two top doctors and oncologists from Delhi and Mumbai, which are the places that receive good amount of global patients:

  • Dr. Ashok Vaid: He is a recipient of a Padma Shri award, which speaks a lot about his competence and professionalism. He holds the position of chairman, of the leading hospital called Medanta The Medicity in Gurgaon (near Delhi) and has published a number of research papers and abstracts in a wide range of medical journals. He has been actively involved in organizing a wide range of seminars, workshops and conferences across the country apart from carrying out 40 international and national studies in clinical research.
  • Dr Rajesh Mistry: He is a leading name in Mumbai in the oncology department. He holds the important position of a director at the department of Oncology. He has more than 25 years of rich experience while his special interest simply lies in Thoracoscopic Surgery and Thoraco-laparoscopic Oesophagectomy. With his competence he has fixed a number of blood cancer cases in India and abroad, which make him the competitive name in this industry calling global patients all across the world.

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Leukemia Treatment: Special Tour Offer International Patients in India

Special Tour Offer International Patients in India

For the global patients looking for high quality and affordable blood cancer or leukemia treatment option can certainly find India to be their ideal destination for medical treatment. This is because India has seen a huge investment taking place in this field which has one of the best doctors, surgeons and medical experts along with having top medical clinics and hospitals giving nothing but the best to the global patients.  Top medical tourism companies are seen offering Special Tour Offer International Patients in India with greater affordability element and discounts.

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  1. My Dad is currently diagnosed with chronic leukemia in Cameroon and I want to explore the option of travelling to India for treatment. How does the process work?


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