Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery: Obese Patient!

Overview :


Although, it can be called as a normal to be nervous when it come to weight loss surgery but the fact is it is very much exciting day due to the fact that it is one of the vital milestones in life that would make one’s life very much happier and healthier. In other words, you need to prepare for the weight loss surgery. The following are some of the tips of preparing for weight loss surgery, let’s check them out:

Preparing For Weight Loss Surgery :

Preparing for the weight loss surgery can start before you actually start the actual procedure. You will get a session pertaining to a new start info that can offer you a complete overview of this procedure and info regarding the chosen surgical procedure. Before the weight loss surgery, you are supposed to go for certain pre-admissions tests, which include the psychological evaluations, medical diagnostic tests and nutritional evaluations. After these tests, you then meet your surgeon in order to talk about the outcome of these tests and evaluations. This process can help in finding out whether the weight loss surgery is the right choice for you, find out potential health issues and the complication reduction.

Preventive Measurements that Helps in Making Weight Loss surgery Safe and Secured :


Apart from going through a number of pre-admission testing, there are a number of things that you need to do as preventive measurements to make the surgery effective and safe. These include the following things:

  • Stop Smoking Before Surgery: Smoking boost up the problems in the lungs after the surgery, which further delays the healing process, reduces the oxygen consumption, promotes infection, interferes with blood flow to tissues, which are healing and thus boosts up the risk of having ulcers.
  • Consider Exercise: Carrying out exercises like walking daily for an half an hour on a daily basis can help your body to remain in shape.
  • Follow the Doctor’s instruction: Your surgeon will share a number of info about preparing for the surgery along with discussing with the post operative routine and the diet plan. Your doctor would help you to maintain your mental, surgical and physical interest the best.

What to bring on The day of Surgery :

There are number of personal items that you are supposed to bring on the day surgery, which will help you to remain comfortable:

  • Brush and comb
  • Bathrobe, soap, shampoo and slippers
  • Body lotion/hand cream
  • Loose fitting dresses
  • Books & magazines
  • Lip balm, deodorant and hair dryer

Avoid bringing the valuable stuff like cash, jewellery and a number of other personal items.

The Day of Weight Loss Surgery :

Weight loss

Generally, you would reach at the hospital two hours before the weight loss surgery. At that time, you would change and get into the hospital gown and the IV would be started. You would receive the mediations, which could be needed before the surgery. Also, you would need to consult with the anesthesiologists along with your surgeon. After the surgery, you would be taken inside the operation theatre for the surgery and depending upon the kind of procedure, the surgery can be carried out for not less than half an hour and two hours. When you complete the surgery, you are then moved to the recovery room till you are seen getting from the sleep. From there you would be sent out to the private room till you get up from your sleep. Depending upon the kind of weight loss procedure adopted, the patient is kept inside the hospital for the maximum number of days of three.

Conclusion :

The result of any weight loss surgery would also depend upon the preparation you make as given by your doctor. If you are really keen to get the best leverage from the same, you would never mind preparing for the surgery.

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